Google Penalizes Itself in SERPs! This Makes Google Neutral and Highly Appreciable

When The Google Penalized itself in its SERP results for two months : ) Amazing & True story (eye opener) which make Google most impartial, 'Human' and Godly in the world!

Google (Matt Cutts officially confirmed from Google) has lowered or demoted the Page Rank (PR) of its popular browser the Chrome page, why? because according to them, the Chrome had violated its policies thus the sever penalty is clamped for at least two months ...

Who says Google makes a bias towards its own sites? People says it promotes its Blogspot free blogs, over other good quality and SEO-d blogs, this is NOT true, Google had proved this with Chrome penalization, they are super honest and there is no Evil!

Page Rank, whats it?

Google has a propriety scale to measure the quality of any web site or a Blog, known as Page Rank or PR, which is named after one of the Google's co-founder, Larry Page!

PR works on scale of 1-10 and higher is this number, higher is the value of that site in the eyes of Google.

Why Google lowered the PR of its Chrome Page!

Google has lowered the PR of its Chrome page and as a penalization (on a paid link policy violation) thus Chrome has lost its higher visibility in the SERP results (Google search results), before the Google penalty it was ranking high for some keywords like' Browser' on the first page, but now it comes at lower place!

Google you have a strong heart which see all at same level and there is NO partiality.

FYI: PR is very important for a web site's SEO to bring it higher in search results or SERPs.

I hail Google for its neutrality & impartiality, 10 out of 10 from me : ) Long Live Google!

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