Silent SMS: Beware Your Cell is Being Tracked!?

Silent SMS or Text (Invisible SMS or Stealth Ping SMS) is tracking your GSM mobile, and you are still smiling like a Fo*l!

You even do not know that your GSM mobile is vulnerable and traceable, is also prone to DOS attack, did you know?

Silent SMS / Silent Ping / Flash SMS / Class Zero Messages, learn a bit of this?

As the name suggests, the silent SMS is really silent or in stealth mode, this allows user to SEND a message to a cell phone with NO knowledge of the recipient's cell phone owner, owner never knows that a message came to his cell phone, recipient's mobile phone itself reject that SMS and leaves NO trace of that SMS, on the other hand, the sender of that SMS gets a message from telecom or mobile operator, which confirms that the SILENT SMS has been received. This all happens very smoothly in your pocket on your cell and you are still smiling, huh ;(

Result: You have been tracked! In Europe and many where, the police tracks this way by sending silent SMS, we do not want to comment on the legality of this all, this is beyond our domain. This may be a good tracing tool for policing with the help of communication technology.

But the bad is that these silent SMS can equally be used by few intelligent hackers to make DDOS or distributed denial of service attacks, so your cell phone battery may exhaust much before time and your calls will NOT reach you, many times etc. and FYI: the cost to send a silent SMS per second and for 1 hour will cost you approx Euros 36.

If you need more information on silent sms than this is a good read!


Why Finnair Flight Crew Danced on Indian Tunes?

Namaste India; The Incredible India!

Finnair, the Finland's airline (Finland is also the parent nation to Nokia cell phones) gave a cool surprise to many and all passengers on the board to a flight to Delhi, guess what?

Finnair's Take-Off to Bollywood!

They (the Finnair's dance crew) danced to the Bollywood's Indian tunes just to celebrate India's Republic Day January 26, they tapped the passengers to fun and frolic in the mid-air, on the board!

This is really cool, thanks to Finnair and Finland, the country we know better as NOKIA's synonym!

Watch this interesting YouTube video, how Finnair airline's dance crew danced to Hindi Tunes, it is really luring : )


Free Calls, SMS, Group Messages App: Line from Japan

Free Group Chat, Free VOIP Calls on Mobiles, Free Text: Line App

Line app from Japan: Make free calls and group SMS
Line VoIP app from Japan to make free calls on cell phones
An iOS and Android mobile messenger or an app from Japan is trying to hit the 'Sun', the LINE app has been downloaded 15 millions+ times, this VOIP app is free and promises to give you the free overseas voice calls, text messages for free and also the group messaging! An all-in-one FREE communication app! It can be used in/from any country, any carrier anywhere in the world!

Line uses 3G or WIFI networks to make a free VOIP phone call or free sms or group messages. It also provides for emoticons, emoji, and stickers to make your texting a fun and more human! The essential utility and communication app is made by Japanese. Now it is getting popular even in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria, Austria also New Zealand etc.) and USA after Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore etc.

Will this VOIP app work from UAE; VOIP Blocked Countries?

People living in Dubai, UAE, where the VOIP is blocked by local carriers have to use and try this free app on your Apple iOS or Google Android device, if it works from there, kindly report and comment here on end of this blog post for the benefit of this world VOIP free calls community.

Download Line VOIP app for iOS

Download Line VOIP app for Android


Hash Tag Communication for Geo-Location Sharing!

Worried Mother calling
Hash Tag Communication
#Hashtag in web-mobile communication

... So you too love your Mom!? But too busy to make a phone call or SMS, or what you do when she is worried for you, the loving son or may be a daughter, here comes the cellular and web technology combined to rescue you and your loving Mother, so let Mom know you got there safe ...

Hash Tag Mom is the latest communication wonder which uses web, internet, hash tag and cell phone technology.

You should be of course very well aware of the use of hash tags on Twitter ; )

What the heck HashTagMom is?

#TagMom is an innovative communication service known as#mom which makes it easy to get to your Mother and to ease her anxiety, if any, this texting/calling unique service lets your Mom know where you are right now!

What to do and how to do to communicate using hash tag?

1. Just punch your Mother's phone number, sign up is free,
2. Add #mom to your Foursquare check in, login Foursquare,
3. Your Mom will get an automated text or phone call re: your status!

A High Tech and Non-conservative & Non-traditional mode of communication: #Tagmom (bit like you do it on Twitter)

So next time when you land at airport, back from school or so, go to #mom, and type a quick message for her in your check in or opt for a phone call, your mother will automatically know where you are and what you are doing, after all she is your Mom!

#mom is helped by at Twilio which powers the apps that communicates and it also uses Foursquare third party geo-location sharing technology!

Do you love your 'tech savvy' Mom, than use #mom innovative communication app and no harm you can use this for your Dad or may be Fiance too, just change the phone number but do not change the #mom tag ; )

Free Phone Call to China (New Year Bash)

Happy Chinese New Year (year of the Dragon) to our global readers! We via Localphone are giving away absolutely free phone calls to China in association with leading VOIP provider from UK the Localphone, just grab the free offer and tell the world, spread the link of this Blog to yours, Tweet, Facebook, Blog or post on forums, subscribe and bookmark us!

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Rebtel Chinese New Year Offer

Cheap and Free Calling on Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon): Celebrate with Rebtel, LocalPhone

Rebtel is leading mobile VOIP provider from Sweden (second largest after Skype in volume in the world) which specializes in giving free and cheap overseas calls using apps, web and cell phones / mobiles on the go.

Rebtel is celebrating the Chinese new year and to commomorate they are giving away free calls bonus, which is valid from January 22 to Feb 5, 2012 (before or after these dates you still can earn $10 free credit, want to know how, read this post till end) where you get $10 as a bonus when you buy $10 calls credits (fill coupon code: chineseny), i.e. your money is doubled instantly to make cheap international calls from mobile phone, web, apps using 3G or WIFI, with crystal clear calls quality.

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free calls & cheap calls to the world

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Nymgo VOIP: Travel Free Anywhere in the World (Contest)

Travel for Free, Anywhere Overseas, with Nymgo the VOIP

Do you have ever heard or read Jules Verne's, Around the World in Eighty Days (French: Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours), it is a classic adventure story of all the times, and amazingly the writer Jules Verne was an armchair traveler who simply had written many classic tales for his readers'.

So you too want to travel anywhere in the world for free, Like me?

Fly & Travel for Free Anywhere in the World, courtesy Nymgo, the cheap VOIP providers!

Ok, let us join NYMGO the newest VOIP providers from UK, in the 'town' they have a Facebook contest, in which they are giving away the round trip airplane tickets to travel any part, any country in the world for free, to meet or greet yours and be a Yankee!

Contest Details

There are five, to and fro world air tickets are on the stake, to anywhere, any nation of your choice in this Nymgo's "Fly Me to Visit Someone" month long contest.

Get ready and get set go with your backpacks, travel from Mount Everest to incredible India, amazing Australasia, mystical China, deep and horny Africa, stunning Europe, Switzerland, Icy Iceland, mighty USA or where do you want to go, remember with Nymgo the VOIP guys, you are never alone on this Lonely Planet, always in touch!

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Instantly Turn Word Press Site in Native IOS App, Earn Money Too

How To, instantly Turn Word Press Blogs and Site into Native Apple iOS App and Monetize too?!

Word Press is a name and a popular online platform to make free to paid Blogs & Websites. Yes, one can use free or paid WP domains / hosting to make a blog or a website.

Create iOS Apps and Earn Money Too, How?

Do you want to create an app for Apple (iTunes) App store and want to monetize it to so can make some cool bucks? If yes than continue reading this post, this has some useful tips for you too,

Do you always want to convert your blog/website into an app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad but do not know the app creation basics or coding etc, than you should also continue and go through this post, here are some cool app making tips for you too,

Appifier is a perfect solution which solves all such problems; you can just convert your WordPress Blog or website into an Ios app in less than a minute, can monetize it with a paid option or may be with Google Adsense etc. online advertisement solutions etc.

Word Press (WP) to iOS App

Converting your Word Press site into an iOS smart phones and iPad application gives you creative satisfaction, traffic, money and a push to make more such apps, more money, name, fame and so on …

Appifier right now is in the Beta mode and is NOT free to use, they have some premium to go ahead like $40 per month or may be $500 for life time, the choice is always yours!

Appifier guys are smart to catch this lucrative, virgin and untouched market potential, we know the WP sites/blogs are ever increasing, and the desire to earn some honest money too using Apple apps, thus Appifier has a fusion of both: WP into Apps, this is perfect landing, blending or we can say, a good ‘morphing effect’ for the two tech things!

WP sells and that is Ios (currently only iOS) apps too : ) so calculate the potential per month Appifier will gain, I can clearly see another ‘Google’ in the making, this is superb business idea which combines good solution for app makers and Word Press bloggers! This is a win-win situation for all.

So give it a try, mobilize & monetize your Wordpress blogs/website with Appifier, they are all set to pump out the custom Apple iPhone and Google Android (coming later) native apps for your site in minutes!


Instant Convert .NET Apps to Java & Cross Platform Compatible

Web-based FREE C# to Java converter app, How To, What and Why?!

Is Coding, 'Greek & Latin' for you? No worries, here comes the CodePorting to help you so you can easily convert your .NET applications to Java and can make them cross platform compatible! This is really a Killer start up!

Convert C# applications, .NET solutions, Projects and also small Snippet into Java: Securely and Accurately!

Tap the Untapped Markets with Code Porting! Using this application promises to convert your C# files and solutions into Java, securely & accurately ...

Using Australia based CodePorting solution you really can enhance your business and can extend it to the newest markets, waiting for you!

The CodePorting's C#2Java porter assists anyone to convert the existing .NET app to Java, thus a new whole vista of untapped potential markets for your products come to you!

Some Cool Features

The CodePorting C#2Java is a web 2.0 online instant code conversion app, thus its unique design makes it platform, operating system (OS) and browser independent,what they say as.

How to Use?

You just need a web browser & Internet, and ready to go, play with .NET to Java now!

They rightly say their .NET to JAVA converter app as the generation cloud based code converter!

Google Penalizes Itself in SERPs! This Makes Google Neutral and Highly Appreciable

When The Google Penalized itself in its SERP results for two months : ) Amazing & True story (eye opener) which make Google most impartial, 'Human' and Godly in the world!

Google (Matt Cutts officially confirmed from Google) has lowered or demoted the Page Rank (PR) of its popular browser the Chrome page, why? because according to them, the Chrome had violated its policies thus the sever penalty is clamped for at least two months ...

Who says Google makes a bias towards its own sites? People says it promotes its Blogspot free blogs, over other good quality and SEO-d blogs, this is NOT true, Google had proved this with Chrome penalization, they are super honest and there is no Evil!

Page Rank, whats it?

Google has a propriety scale to measure the quality of any web site or a Blog, known as Page Rank or PR, which is named after one of the Google's co-founder, Larry Page!

PR works on scale of 1-10 and higher is this number, higher is the value of that site in the eyes of Google.

Why Google lowered the PR of its Chrome Page!

Google has lowered the PR of its Chrome page and as a penalization (on a paid link policy violation) thus Chrome has lost its higher visibility in the SERP results (Google search results), before the Google penalty it was ranking high for some keywords like' Browser' on the first page, but now it comes at lower place!

Google you have a strong heart which see all at same level and there is NO partiality.

FYI: PR is very important for a web site's SEO to bring it higher in search results or SERPs.

I hail Google for its neutrality & impartiality, 10 out of 10 from me : ) Long Live Google!

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So ...

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Set Your Own Free Web Radio Station & Share Radio Show

How Can I Set My Personal Online 24x7 Radio Station Stream for Free to Share Radio Show and Stream my Live Music Library with the World-at-Large?

Radionomy offers you to set up your own Free Radio Station to make world wide live broadcast and share music etc and the good thing is that, if you are looking for some extra cash (money) than they pay you too to broadcast fees via your personal radio station,

Radionomy takes all care of associated costs to run your own radio cast to the world, which includes Royalties, if any, they also share you (radio station creators) the adverts revenue, which of course will be in accordance to the size or volume of your audience or listeners!

You can share / embed your own web radio station on the web or Facebook and such online social networks too and thus can enhance your web presence thus revenues and royalties too : )

Listen or Build an online FREE Radio Station on the Go (Android, Apple iOS Apps)

For the addict of smart cell phone owners like Android or Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, there are Radionomy free apps available to hear the online readio on the go for free

About Radionomy

Radionomy is an Internet platform which hosts lots of free internet radios which are users' generated or are which re created and run by web enthusiasts all over the world!

Download Radionomy FREE app for Apple iOS

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