Free iOS App that instantly turn your camera shot into a social sketch

A free Apple photo fun app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch to convert digital photos; screen shots etc. into the real and digital sketches,

Colorized iOS app is able to transform your camera pictures into sketches, and you also can remix and than share them with your world,

Take a photo over your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and use the app Colorized to get your photos into the sketches, of monochrome outline, now you may opt to add or play with colors of life on them, you can even edit, add a line, erase or such on those sketches made out of your camera shots, there are tools to do so like spray gun, pencil, eraser etc., be an artist, give your canvas a creativity, a vent!

They simply say the golden rule: Sketch it + Trace it + Remix it.

Free iOS App that instantly turn your camera shot into a social sketch
Free iOS App that instantly turn your camera shot into a social sketch


Google's Tribute : Kindle a Candle for Damini: In Memory of the Delhi Braveheart Girl!

Damini, was a 'brave heart girl' and a medical student in her 23, from New Delhi, India, who is no more because of some goons, no words, our feelings and prayers are always with her, with our wet eyes!

Stop Press:

I am really sorry, I lack words or perhaps a moral courage to republish her 'struggle story' here on this blog, you may if you want to know, open the link at the end of this post or may search Google!

Love of a Machine, Search Engine or Google Bots towards us Humans is Adorable : ) 

The biggest search engine, the Google, on the web is more than any human with lots of sentiments, I always use to say, 
Google's Humanistic Tribute : Kindled a Candle for Damini: In Memory of the Delhi Braveheart!

Today Google India, on its home page has kindle a candle in memory of the Delhi Braveheart this is an unusual human spirit and phenomenon communicated by Google on its home page, on howering the mouse over this candle it says as:  in memory of the Delhi Braveheart,

I had seen and you might have too, many Doodles, featured on Google landing page, time to time, but I could not remember that if I have seen such a 'tribute' to any individual or human on Google's property as of yet?!

This was one of the 'rarest of the rare' moments with that unfortunate of our Indian sister, and perhaps Google have won our hearts by kindling a small candle for her! 
Google's Tribute : Kindled a Candle for Damini: In Memory of the Delhi's Braveheart!
Google's Tribute : Kindled a Candle for Damini: In Memory of the Delhi's Braveheart!
We never thought that the year 2012 would come to an end like this, a bid adieu with tears in our eyes and the pain in our hearts and still we would not be able to do any thing : ( just but of taking candles to the streets!

All of the modern world is only a mute spectator, law enforcement could rarely be relied on ever here, thus all our prayers and eyes are with the Gods and may God give her Soul R.I.P. and a courage to her loving family to bear the 'big loss', which is un-reparable for this genre of humanity ... Amen!

Bollywood's superstar Amitabh Bachchan recited a poem in Hindi in remembrance of dear Damini, whole of the India is at a rage, 'pause', feeling helpless and crying, time has stopped for us, it seems: 

... zindagi to bewafa hai, ek din thukrayegi; maut mehbooba hai apne sath lekar jayegi ...

(... 'life' could never be relied on/trusted, it will reject us a day; 'death' is the darling, it will keep us and take away...)


Apple app to make Prank and Screaming Photos

Scary iOS photo fun app which let scream photos a loud and changes faces into a ghost like look

There are lying hundreds of thousand of apps in the Apple iTunes store for its iOS gadgets, and if you are fond of some photo-fun apps and also of voice apps than this app: PRANK PHOTO app will entertain you and yours a lot,

With this prank photo app with scaring and shouting pictures you can have hours of fun and scare the surrounding friends by making them fool,

… just show them any photo, you want, on your Apple iPhone, iPad, mini iPad or iPod Touch, wait for few seconds the photo itself will than get morphed into a horror photo, scary faces and will scream too : )

… than at that moment, do not forget to shoot the very snap of your scaring friends’ faces and show them than and have a fun for hours, share their L faces on online social networks too like Twitter, Facebook or where ever you wish, email them to your friends list and enjoy!

Scary iOS app which let scream photos a loud and changes faces to a ghost like look
Scary iOS app which let scream photos a loud and changes faces to a ghost like look
 Never forget to test the sound of your iGadgets before you go or before you initiate this app for a use, this app unfortunately costs 0.99 Cents and is NOT for free.

Scary iOS app which let scream photos a loud and changes faces to a ghost like look

Scary iOS app which let scream photos a loud and changes faces to a ghost like look
Scary iOS app which let scream photos a loud and changes faces to a ghost like look

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A Private-Social-Connected-Auto-Updating-Address Book iOS App between Friends!

This creative tech wonder is something unique to be found anywhere on the net or on any app … Addappt!

… say, you just changed your contact information, profile etc. viz. mailing address, picture, cell phone numbers etc. or more in this app, and to your amazement all of your updated info itself would be AUTO updated across all of your connected friends’ address books too, who also use this app,

-This free iOS app works only app-to-app, i.e. all of the connected phones should have this free app and they should be iOS  ONLY (currently no Android etc.),

Oooh it seems to be easy, yes, it is easy for the users’ perspective, but imaging how tough it might be a task to think, design and creating for us and for our iOS connected gadgets: Apple iPhone, iPad, Mini iPad or iPod Touch!

The Addappt connected address social private diary, for iPhone-s, iPad-s, iPods, iPad Mini-s etc.

app which auto syncs AND UPDATES address books of connected iOS devices, it is free
App which auto syncs AND UPDATES address books of connected iOS devices, it is free 
This is indeed that social address book, private between iOS connected friends only, which gets auto updated as and when you or your friends updates their connected address books, so:

Forbes explains its working a bit:

“Because the app syncs with the iPhone’s local address book, it doesn't have to store all the contacts on its server, and it doesn't do so, says Desai, who was also previously an executive at LinkedIn.”

According to Techcrunch:

"There are also no privacy settings in Addappt. As noted above, your info is only shared with those who have your info in their books already upon your approval. (Matches are “pending” until you approve them)"

-This smart always-up-to-date address book app dilutes the manual updating,
-This also helps you to keep a track on your nomad friends,
-This app is good for planning like for wedding or event management etc.,
-Nice app for globe trotters,
-And a utility app for busy Moms or forgetful Dads : )
-Updates mobile, iCloud or desktop contacts,
-Shows local time for any of your connected contacts

Try this free auto-updating address book app for iOS, they say this really-really works : )

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How the idea of Android Logo Design Morphed into an Existence? What’s Android?

Android is one of the most popular Linux based mobile OS from Google (Google has purchased this from Android Inc. in 2005), this finds a place primarily on touch screen smart cell phones and tablets now-a-days,

The story of Android (Bugdroid):

A green color monster or alien like image represents the Android monogram, as we have seen, but how this evolved and how the idea came into the mind of the Android designer for the logo? What is meant by word Android?

According to Wikipedia an Android is a robot … or a synthetic organism,

The Android: How Logo came in?

The Android logo was originally knows as Bugdroid, 

Engadget reports that: Google’s Android logo is boosted from Atari Lynx title ‘Gauntlet: The Third Encounter’, is this a true revelation?

Further TheNextWeb reveals the allegation that: “Android Logo has been stolen from Atari Gauntlet”  they perhaps could see the clear similarities between the two logos : )

Story of Skype nomenclature! 

FYI: Irina Blok is known to be the designer of the Android logo ... she says: "recent projects include designing the Google Android Logo and launching the iGoogle themes project"

Golden advice always for all is that do not believe in online rumors  ask the Boss, the Google and … now do not shoot me, I am only a researcher, messenger and a blogger : (

Who, How, Why designed Android Logo, What's meant by 'Android'?

Who, How, Why designed Android Logo, What's meant by 'Android'?
Who, How, Why designed Android Logo, What's meant by 'Android'?

Free BBM Video Calls & Screen Sharing on Blackberry 10

Who says that RIM-Blackberry is outdated and no body could do the live video chat on Blackberry smart mobiles?

So cheer up the Blackberry users, be happy, it is your time ... the free video calling or face-to-face live video chat is about to hit Blackberry 10 - BBM (Blackberry IM) with screen sharing facility!

BB10 QUERTY handset

FYI: Blackberry BBM 7 free voice calling is a hit, and now is the turn of BBM-Blackberry 10 video calling, what else you seek more?!

Say with proud and cheer up: " I still use a Blackberry as Mr.President do

Fingers are crossed for January 30, 2013 now for the Canada's Research in Motion's QNX based Blackberry 10 launching event!

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VoIP on Blackberry Mobiles

An Enterprise Private-Secure-Social Network or Team Collaboration Network for Any Business

Unlike Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. when you do not want to reveal all of your communications to  be public, Yammer could be one of the best secured and social-team collaboration and conversation networking tool for your team or company.

Yammer is a private and group communication-collaboration tool and to use Yammer one should have a company email addresses sign-in into the network. After setting up of Yammer team private social network, this is a  cool micro-blogging service like anyone, and now you are free to update the status of your projects, or you may send messages to others, also you can and form the groups for a private team collaboration & communications inside your company,

And when you are indulge in a group conversation and communication which needs help from your co-employees, now you can also share it with any specific guy using instant message and/or even you can do this with another new group.
An Enterprise Private Social Network or Team Collaboration Network for Any Business
Enterprise Private Social Network or Team Collaboration Network for Businesses
Yammer is now the part of Microsoft Office Division. The basic version is free but enhanced services require a premium, it is a freemium model social enterprise network.

In brief, Yammer is an Enterprise private social network, it fetches all-together the employees, conversations, communication, content, and business data etc. all in one and unique location. 

Yammer’s social team networking communities could be accessed over PC, web, cell phones, tablets viz. Apple iPhone, iPad, and also over Windows Phone, RIM-Blackberry, Android thus you are always in the team communication via your “virtual office”  on the Go,

Get Yammer Apps for your mobile, PC, tablet etc.

The best is hat Yammer is easy to get integrated with systems like Microsoft SharePoint, thus you can create the social layer all-across the enterprise applications.

It says:

A single place for users to read and track the conversations that matter most. Inbox aggregates and tracks @mentions, announcements, conversations, and private messages.”

How to automatically turn photos into 3D models?

Enhance the visual appearance of your photos by turning them into realistic 3D models using Autodesk’s 123D Catch App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

In today’s tech era with the easy-to-use software and 3D printing tools, everyone can be a maker. Autodesk 123D Catch is making 3D printing much easier than ever before. You can now create 3D models by taking pictures on your iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad and can upload and share them on social media at ease.

Apps to Send Short Video Clips & Photos which Disappear within Seconds

It’s always a nice feeling to walk around with your iPhone and clicking the beautiful things, scenery that you see all the way along. You can share them through social media or just can show to your friends. But how cool, if you have an opportunity to recreate the pictures that you have actually taken or seen?

Autodesk 123D Catch for iPhone and iPad is all about recreating, renovating the pictures and designs.

How to automatically turn photos into 3D models?
How to automatically turn photos into 3D models?
Autodesk’s 123D Catch app at a glance, how it works?

The world is at a surprisingly great crossroads right now, where someday soon you will be able to print out anything you need at any moment of time. 

Say if you want to print a new case for your iPhone, you can do that too! It’s going to be that simple in coming future and Autodesk’s software is the center of attraction for all this excitement.


Autodesk has an application called as 123D Catch for all the users of iOS, which allows anyone to automatically turn panoramic style photos into extraordinary 3D models.

Autodesk is actually putting advanced photo programmatic modeling in the hands of millions of designers worldwide.

The working procedure 123D Catch is so very simple. The app allows the users to take a series of photos of any object, say about 40 photos at a time which are then automatically uploaded on Autodesk cloud for processing and the app sends a textured, realistic 3D model of the photos that can be shared as a still image on social media or even can be printed.

Autodesk introduced My Corner, which provides a cloud storage space for 123D design projects.

The catches or the pictures that you had created using the 123D Catch app on your iPhone and iPad can also be stored and saved to My Corner. Further you can open them for editing too.

It seems we are experiencing the golden age of easy 3D catches. Capture the world around you in a whole new way using the 123D Catch app.

Download the application for Free from iTunes App Store!


How to make a call, group chat and send messages to Facebook & LinkedIn contacts without having their phone number?

Well, this is quiet interesting, that you can send messages to anyone on FB though he/she is not your Facebook friends, now with paying $1 straight hitting their inbox,

Now if you are on Facebook or Linkedin than with Plingm App you can also make a free call, group chat or messages to yourFacebook contacts and also to Linkedin contacts even without knowing their phone numbers, by the help of an app called as Plingm!

Plingm app announced that:
“You can actually combine all three now, Plingm, Facebook and Linkedin” says Eliopoulos. So you can basically have a group chat with your Plingm contact, a co-worker on Linkedin and a high-school girlfriend from Facebook - all at the same time! “

make a call, group chat and send messages to Facebook & LinkedIn contacts without having their phone number
Make a call, group chat and send messages to Facebook & LinkedIn contacts without having their phone number
Get Plingm for Apple iOS

Get Plingm for Android
This is marvelous  that 2 grand online social networks are combined with an app for free to make a chat, group chat or freecalling! OMG! It’s something like that all the eggs are in the same basket : )

How to do Cross-Platform Data, Photos, Music sharing in-between two mobiles or a PC and Mobile?

The tech world is pioneering towards an unexpected, surprising new world of experiences that are far beyond the imagination of common people.

Everyone loves to chat or interact with their friends and families, staying away miles apart from them. But now you can also share your photos, music from mobile to mobile or from PC to mobile.

Well, it is now possible with an innovative app called as Bump.

Bump app for iOS

Bump app for Android

The modern teens or youngsters all are very well used to this modern disruptive technology. The new ever disrupting technologies evolving daily have its tight hold over this new generation.

The newer generation too is favorably inclined towards the daily new innovations of gadgets and apps.

cross platform app to transfer data between mobiles or pc or such combination
cross platform app to transfer data between mobiles or pc or such combination
Share contacts, Photos, Music between two mobiles or PC and Mobile, how?

Sending data, photos and files to your friends over Bluetooth is bit boring, un-amusing task. Well, here is simple, fast and fun application called as Bump. Using it you can now share your contact information, photos, and music files with your friends.

As the name implies, Bump, yes, it has similarity in the fist to fist bump you do with your friends like handshake or high-five :)

It's simple, you just have to open the app in your mobile or PC, let the friend to open as well, select the file you want to share, hold your cell phone in your palm and give a high-five to your phone lightly against your friends and files are channelized!

Is it anything like Magic?

Absolutely Not...

The word magic is left far behind following with the new invention and discoveries in tech media. It is nothing like magic or magical happenings in this eminent world of technology.

Well, Bump uses the internet to send files. It is really very fast, with a single eye blink, your file has been transferred to its destination.

Transfer photos from your phone to PC, how?

The app will let you to send photos (only photos) from your phone to desktop. To enjoy this move, you have to first download the Bump on your phone and then head to the Bump website, where you just have to tap a space-bar with your phone and the photos are transferred.

FYI: The photos are transferred to the Bump’s website and not directly to your PC, but you can share the photos on your social network easily.

Have a look over some extra features of Bump:

1.      You can share your contact info; get connected on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2.    You can find Mutual friends with the people you bump from your social networks and contacts.

3.      You can also share photos and music files with friends and family members.

4.      You can move contacts and photos between the two devices.

For Apple devices, you can sync/transfer the music files too, for Android devices the feature will be added soon.

The app is FREE so try it out, Bump with all your friends, send photos and music files and enjoy the fun all the way, everywhere and anywhere!

Just my thoughts, does any of the creative, innovative app will ever make you get the feel of crispy touch or warm hug of your loved one’s those are miles apart? You can share photos instantly, but you cannot ever share the emotional, crispy touch with of your loved ones ever, still life continuous :)


3D Immersive HD Surrounding Sound & Visual Cues VoIP Call Conferencing on the Go

Voxeet the VoIP app gives the 3D -stereophonic-HD call natural tele-conferencing over cell phones, computer, tablets, web on the Go with visual cues and surrounding-immersive sound; this is a nice experience to make a unlimited, free, uninterrupted, call, conference call or group calling using VOXEET APP!

This app could/should be used for business call tele-presence or call conferencing on the Go without a hitch, a wonderful experience should be there, the specialty of Voxeet 3D HD surrounding sound calling app is that it has immersive 3D sound with visual cues that is why you could hear every word and should always know who is talking, that is even too on a 3G network …

Forget choppy, full of echo, noisy or walky-talky like call meetings now, say it with Voxeet, this for you, and for your entire personal or business group,

3D Immersive HD Surrounding Sound & Visual Cues VoIP Call Conferencing on the Go
3D Immersive HD Surrounding Sound & Visual Cues VoIP Call Conferencing on the Go
What is good in this 3D-HD VoIP surround calling app which works on desktop and mobiles equally good?

The High Speaker recognition with an immersive 3D surrounding sound and visual cues can check that who’s talking. E.g. you can put the host of conference or the decision maker’s picture on the right. When he or she speaks, you will hear the voice generating from your right side, and you can also see the ‘visual cue’ that he’s/she’s talking

There is a Voxeet app for Windows, iOS and Android etc. popular OS. And they are free,

What about mobility? Voxeet has the high mobility – Say if you’re on-the-go, just transfer the phone call from your laptop / PC / Computer / iPad / Tablet / Mini iPad to your existing cell phone just with a single click or one tap click. Never need to hang up the ongoing call meeting or/and redial. You know, that you can also initiate conference calls with single click.

3D Immersive HD Surrounding Sound & Visual Cues VoIP Call Conferencing on the Go
3D Immersive HD Surrounding Sound & Visual Cues VoIP Call Conferencing on the Go
TheVoIP app or Virtual Meet is always-on: You have to choose conferences to join, and just leave them on whole of the day as open channels, or as the virtual rooms.

Whisper mode: This is rather a new feature, it simply lets you to make a private two-way conversation and while listening to the meetings call without any disruption any other conference participants.

This 3D-HD audio VoIP call meetings works on all networks viz. WIFI, 3G/ 4G and LTE networks etc. 

The phone calling is done over VoIP and still you can transfer your call conference to any regular phone or your Apple iPhone, Android Phone etc.

People testimonials say that Voxeet has a 3D-HD sound which is much and more crystal clear than VoIP King Skype! Sorry NO video 3D-HD call con with Voxeet right now, it may come later, no calling to phone numbers, they will also come soon, just VoIP connectivity!

If you are behind the firewall, than these network ports should be used to make tele-calling:

Voxeet uses the following ports:

10001 (TCP)

11001 (TCP)

6060 (UDP)

While the Voxeet beta program, one can try conferences with up to 8 users, they say that “Once we release our first public version, you will be limited to 3 participants if you have a free account”.



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