Why KOLAVERI Makes India Hip-Hop?

Why India Dance to the Tunes of Kolaveri Di?

The Kolaveri Di a Tamil-Hindi-English mixed song from Indian movie 3 is the latest internet rage and craze and is making young Indians tapping down to its tunes, it seems lots of youngsters love this beautiful song.

If you will listen this musical hit, no doubt you too will utter it for some time, after a listen, even you do not know Tamil or Hindi (like Greek or Latin) or may be you are a Westerner, just try to listen the rhythm, hold your pace, this is addictive, soon you will know why it has gone viral and a BIG hit instantly.

I do not know Tamil but love this song, sung in very SEXY VOICE and mood! This is on my cell phone's ring tone now!

Real things, ideas still have a place in this world without any competition! So dance like, nobody is watching!

What a Holy Cow! Wow ...

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