White Space-WIFI on Steroids is All Set To Go ...

Thanks to the Microsoft and also to Google's initiative: Free the airwaves, finally FCC has approved the first Television White Spaces data base and TV Band device (TVBDs), officially.

FCC Approve White Spaces (Super WIFI on Steroids), Get Ready

Actually we can say that the use of unused (empty TV channels) TV/Radio frequency, spectrum or signals or radio waves' as 'White Space' Spectrum between TV Channels, thus the vision or concept of the global and universal wireless internet could be reached.

FYI: Wi-Fi is a good example of unlicensed spectrum, by the way ...

White Space: This was an urge with FCC to approve & open the unused TV channels/bands for the sake of universal wireless broadband and also allow them for the other consumer devices.

Three fourth of the white space (or simply the unused bandwidth) is completely unused now and that is why the Google Inc. is making their best effort to free it for a global wireless / wire free Internet and other communication vision!

White Space, or WIFI2.0 or WIFI on Steroids, what is all this? Tell me more...

According to the Tech Crunch:

" ... so-called “white space” (which Google had actually been working on alongside the spectrum opening). White space is the name given to the vacant airwaves between television channels, airwaves which are increasingly open as people move to cable and other methods of getting television. These airwaves have the potential to carry wireless data at speeds and distances that would make today’s WiFi seem antiquated. That’s why the white space has earned the nickname “WiFi 2.0″ or “WiFi on steroids”. And after an FCC vote today, it’s finally a go..."

Microsoft is happy too and says that, "this New Wireless Market Is Worth Billions And We're Going To Get Our Share (MSFT),

The FCC expects to begin white spaces operations by January 26, 2012, with very first approved device, which will be made by Koos Technical Services, which would work similar to a wireless router. But this may only be available in Wilmington, NC, USA.

Benefits of White Spaces or unused TV frequency in modern internet and wireless communications

The WIFI 2.0 or WIFI on steroids or White space frequency will be much faster than any thing else, thus it will pipe more data with good speed, and thus data price will fall rapidly nearly to a free tag, the biggest advantage would be the remote penetration of WIFI now is possible as these airwaves can reach the remotest areas, where WIFI can not reach as of yet!

Official Google Blog: Time to "Free the Airwaves"

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