Watch Your Favorite Online Show: Offline, Anywhere, Anytime, How To?

A (offline) DVR for Viewing Online Stream of Videos

There is an uptrend in the graph of technology sector, a craze, which is increasing daily :) and why not? Now-a-days we see numerous advanced technologies/applications that certainly ease the human necessities and utilities.

Everyone are busy buddies now-a-days like me :) even don’t have time to watch favorite TV shows, movies and daily soap operas :( hey! Do not feel sad, here is a application for all the TV-Worms out there.

Playlater is the software application that allows you to record movies and TV shows from supported Internet websites on your hard drive and allows you to watch later as per your convenience.

Check out the real heck out there!

Introducing, the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for online videos…Playlater!!

There are tons of stuffs to watch online. What if you are not online? On an airplane may be, or on grandma’s house? You are out of luck until now. Meet Playlater!

It is software that works like a DVR for online videos. Letting you search, discover or record your favorite online movies or sports, TV shows and more in one simple place.

You can watch the recorded shows whenever and wherever you like. Enjoy the TV shows in just three easy steps. Install, Record and Enjoy.

How does the application works?

Playlater is the technology that gives you the freedom to record your favorite online videos and take pleasure in watching them as per your schedule even if you are not connected with Internet.

You just simply select the show you want to record and Playlater will record the same for you. The recording will take place in the background so you can continue in doing some other work on your computer.

Playlater lets its users to copy streaming videos from around 30 sites including Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, CNN and many more.

Watch your favorite videos on any devices

You can obviously watch the recorded videos on your PC, but if your PC is connected to the TV then you can also watch these shows on your TV too!

Now, you can watch these shows on your iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices too with the latest version of Playlater known as PlayOn.

Get ready to deliver the ability for people to watch anytime, anywhere with Playlater.

Download Playlater for Free!

The future of entertainment is ONLINE and now you can record the FUTURE with Playlater!! :)
Happy recording!!!


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