Video Conferencing on Apple iPhone 4S

How To Do Video Conference on Apple iPhone 4S?

The technology in the current web scenario has a great height with all its leaps and bounds still every one of us seeks something more that could help our life to be much easier, comfortable than ever :)

Today we see the families are well equipped with high speed internet, LCD’s, LED’s and HD televisions but now the boom will be of telepresence in the drawing/living room.

Google, Facebook, Apple etc. had undoubtedly created history and completely revolutionized the world of Internet & Technology and of communication with variety of innovative products.

Amongst all, there is a latest introduction of a solution for iPhone 4S users known as Vidyo that will now offer High quality of video conferencing.

The tech world always seems to be advanced with all the technologies and applications evolving daily and never remains as it is or static…

What is Vidyo?

Vidyo is the launched product by Hackensack, N.J. based company that allows its users to create telepresence software that allows people to hold high quality video conferences.

Vidyo, an award winning products deliver the industry’s best error resilience and the lowest latency video conferencing over the Internet and general purposes networks.

How does the technology works?

The application is very simple to install as well as in use. The users have full control over their layout and they have the power to choose the participants they want to view and can dynamically change between the landscape and portrait orientations as well.

When we think of communication and that too with video (mobile) conferencing, what the first thing that springs in our mind? It may be that we can communicate with just 2 or 3 people, but hey there! Are you guys lacking behind the time?

With the help of Vidyo, you can now participate in conferences with more than 100 users. Surprised? :)

Video for Apple iOS, Download it.

Video furnishes with the ability to display four participants on the phone screen at a given time on the iPad2 and iPhone4S.

Now you can experience the HD Video Conferencing without boundaries.

Vidyo is natural, affordable and universal too!

So all who strongly feels that telepresence is not in their budget, just take a look over this amazing application Vidyo, I am sure they will definitely change their mind!

Hurry up, it is the right time to go and grab the Vidyo and have fun!



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