Unlimited World Calling on Cell Phone or Tablet for $7 a Month

Cheap Overseas Phone Calls using Cell Phones (Unlimited): Fring

The word “UNLIMITED” is not new in this e-age of smart phones and gadgets, stylish cell phones, where there are number of technologies and applications that facilitate you with doing unlimited calls or messages :)

So, do you want to save even more on your International calls when you are calling from your home?

Here you are, with an innovative, smart application that is quite affordable for your pockets and wallets.

Fringout, an easy and cheap mobile calling solution that permits you to talk as much as you want to anyone, anywhere in the world.

What is Fringout?

Fringout lets you to call easily on any landline or mobile phone anywhere over the globe with just $7/month subscription. (Available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices)

Currently this technology is supported by Nokia Symbian S60, iPhone, Android and such smart mobile and tablets devices.

Use the iTunes subscription for Fringout’s unlimited monthly calling to 40 destinations.

Your monthly subscription will be automatically renewed.

As always with Fring you can Group Video chat, call or texts your friends for FREE.

Can you imagine iMessage on your steroids?

Now you can, yes…that’s Fring!!

It lets you go beyond the text. You can make and get free phone calls and DVQ quality video chat with any of your friend over the globe even if they are not Fring users.

The highlights:

• You are able to make 4-way live cell phone video calling for FREE.
• …share the fun of live, free video call anytime, anywhere on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.
• You can talk as much as you want with your loved ones no matter where they are located over the globe.
• …Unlimited live chats for free with friends on Fring.
• Make a call to any land line or mobile number in very cheap rates starting from $7/month.
The application is fun and easy to use.

Fair Usage Policy:

Download the application from App Store. (The Fring VOIP app is also available for iOS5, Android etc).

Enjoy the FREE group video calls, calls and live chat with other Fringsters too!

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