Turn Web Content Into Video (Surfing App): How To?

Killer concept: How to turn your content, text articles, RSS feeds or posts automatically into Videos?

The galactic Internet world is expending and acquiring the new positions in the current web scenario and has lessened the human burdens and making the lives more comfortable and prosperous.

We see numerous websites and blogs over the Internet full of articles and contents written on it. Do you ever feel lazy in reading those articles and contents and wish if there could be a video of this post?

Here I introduce an innovative, modern application known as Wibbitz that allows you to turn your contents, articles, RSS feeds and post into fully interactive videos.

About Wibbitz

Well…the human races are very well advancing, progressing and shaping up because of the new tech innovations that are daily evolving in the great Internet market.

Just have a look over here, a killer idea, Wibbitz a kind of service that allows you to convert your text based article into fully interactive videos.

So, if you are a webmaster or website owner, Wibbitz is going to be an intelligent, appealing service for all of you.

Use Wibbitz, for online marketing efforts like YouTube

They say…Wibbitz is the Play-Button for this giant Internet World, which automatically converts text-based posts and articles into interactive videos.

Videos for online marketing could be a brilliant tool like YouTube one can promote his web using YouTube, Vimeo or such video marketing tactics, and with Wibbitz video solution your online presence is sure to get a boost in search engines, SERPS and you will have more online traffic and visitors thus sales and revenues : )

How does it work?

Wibbitz is a tool that is specially designed for the publishers or the webmasters who aims to provide good, easy to digest video summary of an article or content.

The amazing platform permits the publishers to automatically process a post or an article into a fun and interactive video that their users or the audiences can just view, watch the videos on any device, anywhere, anytime.

The tool intelligently takes your content and creates a summarized video version of it that includes an audio narration in different languages.

The Wibbitz play button can be easily placed on entire website or a single page or just on a home page.

It is easy to use application. You just have to implement a single line of JavaScript code and Wibbitz takes an articles text and automatically creates a summary, add images from either the websites own image library or public image bank and here you are, with an outstanding video( that is related to the post) containing the text, images and audio narrations which is amazingly listenable.

Features of Wibbitz

• It converts the articles of contents into fun, engaging, interactive videos.
• You can add images either from public image libraries or from the websites own image list.
• It is 100% automatic and can be embedded easily.
• The generated videos can be shared on Face book or on Twitter as a link.
• It includes both a flash and mobile friendly user interface.

Share your content, article with all your friends with a much larger influencing visual experience.

Wibbitz…a modern visual (video) experience for your website or blog!! Remember one important thing that the Wibbitz streaming videos are crafted in REAL-TIME, hence these Wibbitz video based web content is always fresh and up-to-date like Talkfree7. These content turned videos of course can be shared or embed anywhere like YouTube etc.


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