Turn iPhone, iPad, iPod Into a Satellite Phone, How To?

The various tech experts, vivid, evoking brains all over the globe had successfully outraged the tech world beyond the imaginative power and cognitive faculties of the common people.

As we unwind numerous tech inventions, evocative applications our lives have really become so much easy and relaxed without any strain and anxiety that we rely so much on these technologies and applications.

Every single day gives birth to numerous applications, services and products that blooms the web market and flourishes us to explore many new things. The latest technologies are incomplete without talking about Apple and its innovative iOS devices.

We feel proud here to introduce an excellent application for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch called as Iridium AxcessPoint Mail and web.

What it is? Iridium AxcessPoint Mail and Web

There are different ways, means of communications so, that the people can keep in touch with each other in a very easier manner. But did you ever heard of satellite communication?!

It is not always feasible that all the communication services are available with the cable connectivity’s as any service with cables cannot last longer. Here comes the existence of Satellite Communication.

Satellite communications have come a long way and is the best option invented by the tech peoples which is not just useful, but also very much time and money saving as well.

In the present web scenario, satellite communication has been made simple as picking up an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Iridium completes the satellite connection to your Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Iridium Communications Inc., the Mclean-based company has launched its first iOS application called as AxcessPoint Mail and Web app to add the satellite connectivity to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It is the only mobile satellite service company that offers pole-to-pole coverage all around the globe.

The Iridium AxcessPoint Mail and Web application is specifically designed to integrate the Apple devices to make calls from any location of the world to any destination of the world.

They say…A new force in cell phone communication technology has been arrived!

How the application works?

Iridium AxcessPoint Mail and Web has been designed to make quick email messaging and web browsing when used with the Iridium satellite phones and the Wi-Fi devices.

To use the application, you must first purchase an Iridium AxcessPoint accessory from your service provider. It can be also used as a downloadable application. It is used in alignment with an Iridium satellite phone, Iridium AxcessPoint device and a compatible Wi-Fi device.

You can recall all your emails from external accounts, just ensuring that you are always connected to your family or office no matter where you are in this world.

The company’s AxcessPoint is a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows the iOS devices to connect to it and thus, allowing the users to the Iridium network around the globe.

Iridium delivers authentic, near real-time communications services and creates the absolutely necessary lines of communication that helps to improve lives, build businesses, and develop new opportunities.

The application is available for FREE to all the Iridium subscribers using the AxcessPoint Wi-Fi hotspot.

The world is really leading towards a great future that will definitely enhance the way of living of the people with the daily outgrowth of outstanding software’s and technologies.

… Go grab the latest applications and secure your future!!

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