Summly Algorithms: Summarizes the Web, Wow & How!

How to summarize the Web? ... A FREE app which sorts & pin-points most relevant search results for you!

The question raised above, does that seems to be whack? Really?!

But, wait…a 16 year old programmer teen has invented a groundbreaking application called Summly that dare fully tries summarize the galactic web.

Do you want to know more about it...?

The mind blowing application Summly!

Launching recently, the application Summly, that aims of bringing text summarization phenomenon into the web.

People have less time to spend and more work to do these days. Yes…life has become fast and speedy than ever. No matter, Time is Money and even the peoples all around are looking forward many useful ways to maximize the time they have.

We see many of them having little tolerance or time to spend for long digital contents. Thus, the mentality of “tl; dr” (Too long: did not read) has been rapidly enhanced these days and it just sweeps the Internet world all the way along.

Those who are addicted to the social networking site, Twitter where the content comes in 140 characters, it is the better way to express something in shorthand.

Here comes the existence of Summly, which summarizes the long web contents. The application was formerly known as Trimit.

Basically, Trimit was a text auto summarizer which was designed to fit all the stuffs you are reading on a mobile device into brief synopses, outlines and share those over SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter in .txt form just with few clicks!

According to the genius boy, Summly is “Mimics evolution

They say… Summly is a simpler way to browse and search the web.

Pretty nifty features of Summly

It furnishes you with a simpler, less-complicated way to browse and search the web by just summarizing web pages and news articles. The application is very useful as it makes the content easy to consume and assures that the search results are applicable and can be easily estimated and measured.

Summly serves you to:
• Find faster, what you are looking on the web.
• Save time while browsing or searching on the net.
• Get over information overload.

A good thing is, Summly is language independent and can summarize web contents, news articles in all the languages.

About the latest genius teen of Internet, not Mark Zuckerberg : )

Nick D’Aloisio, a 16- year old Australian guy, now in London is the founder and is now the chief executive officer of a London-based company, Summly.

According to him, the web world is overcrowded and overloaded with long contents and articles. Here, Summly offers a simpler browsing and search experience by summarizing content into small sized chunks that makes a lot easier for the consumers to go through them.

Summly is going to be another start-up hit, another iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS) app that basically looks at the content of the web page and creates a prompt summary of that web page and then initializes it for the iPhone screen.

3 cheers for Nick and Summly too :)!!

Brief about Summly:

It was founded in 2011 by Nick D’Aloisio and a billionaire from Hong Kong Li Ka-Shing has invested in by Horizons Ventures with a decent aim of bringing text summary into the web platform.

It allows brief and relevant search browsing. It summarizes web content like articles, web pages into brief and easily digestible format.

Download the application from iTunes App store for free.

Get the easy and simpler way to summarize your web contents and explore the web world with simpler browsing experience.

Wishes to Summly and Nick from our team :)

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