SMS to Groups for Trips & Events, How To?

How to create/send SMS to groups around an event or trip planning?

Brief: It is about the cell phone marketing and also messaging platform for any business or an individual, just create an event > add friends & share > friends can add them too > Text to the whole mobile group!

Every soul on this land needs some or the other changes from his hectic daily life schedules. Everyone should spend a leisure time with their family or friends to refresh their minds and try to become free from work stress and all other worries. Yes…I think of travel and planning a trip is the best option here.

So, did you plan any trip or event? If yes…here is another amazing option when you are out for any trip or event called as Textmob.

Textmob at a glance!

The modern era of the tech world is very well-furnished with new applications and technologies that human life has genuinely become more-prosperous and easygoing.

We envision lots of software’s that aims to lessen human burdens, needs and necessities. Here we would like to introduce software called as Textmob, allow us to keep in touch with our friend circle when gone for any trip or event.

Textmob is a mobile marketing and messaging platform for any type of business or a company.

Also it allows anyone to easily create a SMS group around a trip and you can send SMS to that group.

Textmob is the best way to not get apart from your group; you are going out for trip or a small pleasurable trip.

How do Textmob works?

The application is very simple and easy to use. Below are the easy steps to use Textmob application.

1. Create an event.
2. Add your friends and share it with others.
3. Your friends can add themselves as well.
4. Thus, you can easily send messages to the created group.

So, if you are using Textmob and any of your friends, who always wait until the last possible minute to confirm that he is joining you for the trip or concert, there should not be any problem at all :)

You are able to send collective messages to your group with the same speed and ease as you send your “regular” messages through your cell phones.

Other benefits of using Textmob mobile app

Textmob not only can be used to track people in your trips and concerts but it contributes itself much more than that.

Textmob can be used in the field of marketing in various business assets. Using Textmob, your business can be increased and controlled by putting your brand in the hand of expert sales team.

With help of this, your clients can get discounts, promotions and coupons from your business directly on their cell phones.

Such type of direct marketing is going to be most efficient and cost effective in the world of marketing.

Textmob can also be used for tailgates or for just any kind of reunion. The best thing is Textmob does not ever share your phone number with any of the group member, thus your phone number is safe.

In this crowded, compacted world, it is highly possible that you could lose track with your friends, in such scenario Textmob can be a helpful, useful application indeed.

Keep the track of your friends wherever you are on the go, stay connected, have fun!

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