SIRI is Norway’s S. Kalvig, Dag Kittlaus Created SIRI the Wonder iOS App

SIRI Means, Siri Kalvig of Norway? Dag Kittlaus Knows!

Norway is my favorite nation on God’s Earth: calm, quite, serene and honest and is the Gods’ own canvas to paint all of His creativity & beauty!

Meet real SIRI:

Meet Actual SIRI (a woman), Siri Kalvig (Siri turned 40 this Nov 6, 2011) on this blog and virtual SIRI (just got her birth in 2011 for Apple iPhone 4S) only on Apple iPhone 4S.

Why SIRI is not MARKUS? Crack this puzzle?

Thanks the SIRI! The wonder iOS app has too her roots scattered in the soil of Norway! If she was not named SIRI than certainly MARKUS?! I guess … will reveal this later below, keep pinging your head till than???

Cracking the verbal meaning of SIRI: Nomenclature of SIRI, why, whom, how & what!!!

What is SIRI?

SIRI is a voice recognition, virtual personal assistant app of Apple Inc. and recently been introduced on its Apple iPhone-4S. SIRI has gain an instant fame and name within its launch, thanks to Apple and its own creative things.

Is it an acronym? Impossible to find in any lexicon or dictionary, but Google may tell you or may be the SIRI can reveal about her nomenclature, but no issues, I will tell you, what is SIRI and why it is SIRI?

How SIRI made multi-millionaire to its creator?

SIRI the virtual secretary to Apple iPhone 4S was developed by Norwegian Dag Kittlaus (selling SIRI to Apple Inc. made him millionaire following a personal phone call from Steve Jobs, than wonder CEO of Apple Inc.).

Dag Kittlaus is in his forties (44 years) and hails from Norway, now lives in the Chicago, the US with his family of 3 kids and Ida Marie, his wife,

Dag’s life was changed forever, after Steve Jobs called him on a personal phone call, than there after there was no looking back … of course, Steve had a reason to call Dag!

Like Big American dreams and the corporations (where bigger fish always eats the smaller ones), Steve Jobs was interested in the acquisition of Dag’s start up, which was co-founded by Dag in 2007 with Tom Gruber, Noman Winarsky and Adam Chever, the chief architect of CALO project at SRI.

Dag’s role was to help in the launch of the first true automated Virtual Personal Assistant for mobile devices…. After this acquisition with Apple, Dag in October 2011 left Cupertino & Apple and is writing a techno drama novel …

SIRI: Reason One

Anyways, SIRI in Norwegian means: The beautiful victorious counsellor …

SIRI: Reason Two

… And it is a legend that SIRI app was named as SIRI because and on the name of famous Norwegian meteorologist cum business woman Siri Kalvig?!

With Siri Kalvig, Dag had worked while his tenure at Telenor (a Norwegian telecommunications company), Siri Kalvig was working with a meteorologist company the Storm.

SIRI: Reason Three

Another legend, that in fact Dag Kittlaus wished to name his than yet to be born daughter as Siri, and when Dag K has a son than he instead named his company as Siri!!!

Congrats Dag! SIRI is truly a wonderful name I liked and could name my daughter Siri (if not Shradha) so, if I got it earlier by 12 years ago …

So SIRI truly represents the remarkable LOVE-Sentiments or love and wishes of a Father and a friend towards his loving daughter and also to a co-worker!

Dag's own words: “Our first child was going to be named Siri, but then we got Markus”.

SIRI: Reason Four

Coincidentally or knowingly the SIRI has one more background in her naming:

As we know that in the year 2008 SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) formed SIRI Inc. for the sake of developing a private market for an advance DARPA funded project and research in the field of voice recognition & artificial (virtual) intelligence system….seems SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) initials SRI sound too prompted Dan K. to create a SIRI!

These all and may be more unknown factors given the birth to the Apple’s most admired virtual voice recognition application or software, the SIRI : )

Do you have a SIRI yet? Yes! I have got one : )

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