Send Animations in a Mobile Video Call! How To?

Free Tango Surprises

Tango is a cool name and also a brand to dial mobile video calls on the Go. Recently the few Microsoft Windows phones models are using Tango video calling functionality on their handset / hardware (though Skype VOIP video calls are within Microsoft’s umbrella)!

Tango works with PC, Laptop, Tablets, smart cell phones on Apple iOS, Android or Windows phones.

Use Free Animation during a live streaming video call on the cell phone!

Well, free or paid video calling on cell phones or digital tablet pads on the Go is not new (Skype, Fring, QIK and many more provide this for free) but may be you also want to add some fun to the face-to-face, live online friend or hubby, than surely you can send him/her some video animations or even a series of video animations during the cell phone’s video call on the Go using Tango to amuse.

You can play Ninja slicing the screen; or a monkey to make fun, send LIVE rhythm of your heart beats to your love, just do Tango and have lots of fun : ) spread the cheers!!!

Tango’s Free Short Video Messages

If you want to send some SMS or MMS than surely go Tango to send the short up to 30 seconds video messages, you can also receive video messages on Tango Video Calling app, just leave a short video message for yours and spread the love perfume in the air, but please do not get addictive, make sure : )

Tango has Free and Paid both services, How?

Tango Surprise (Video animation) and short video messaging on mobile phones, both are free service, but if you are a heavy user for these services than you have to pay a bit, example, one Tango Surprise or Tango video animation are free and unlimited usage for animated video calling comes for just $1.98.

For short video message clips, users can chose to play their 5 recent video messages, they are free and more than that like 5 more will cost $0.99, additional 10 video short messages will cost $1.98 …

Would you Tango me? It is Face-time! May be there will be a day when Tango go beyond the video messaging and than you can also post your video chats with animation on FaceBook or such social networks and go like YouTube way …

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