Office Message Broadcasting: Fire Your Office Intercom / PBX Systems Now!

An All-in-One Office Communication Streamline Solution, with NO access to Facebook, Twitter and other Social networks or so called friends' chat : )

Killer Concept: Office instant messenger to broadcast your message to the office guys!

Telephony & Communication has become much vital all over the globe. This extensive, pan optic tech world comprises number of innovative technologies which eventually makes the world to come closer and closer than ever.

Really nowadays there are no limits and boundaries left for you to communicate with your loved ones, business relations or friends’ right across the globe!

Another vibrant color has been added into this vivacious, bright world of communication called as CD Messenger!

Communicate creatively with office instant messenger, CD Messenger

Ever desired that there should be an application that could allow you to chat with your colleagues in the office using the live chat without any disturbance or with no access to online social networks like Facebook etc.?

Well…this is now possible with the help of Corporate Digital (CD) Messenger software that has changed the whole meaning of the office communication by enabling one-to-one and group-based communication in your office.

CD Messenger is completely professional software mainly designed to allow you to convey your messages with your office associates right across the room or across the globe :)

The office messenger software connects everyone whether it is a small office with minimum employees located on a single floor or a large corporation or a group of business with number of offices in different continents!

Any number of employees can use or stay connected with each other using this CD Messenger software.

This software uses the worldwide Internet service to deliver a rich, racy online communication service through which everyone can stay connected with each other using this chat interface.

How this ‘magical’ office intranet cum internet communication solution does works?

CD Messenger is extremely comfortable, easy to use with a single touch download and installation. It is an instant messaging service designed especially for the work groups.

CD Messenger is “All in one” option available in the tech market which combines all the features in one application. It is an instant messaging software specially designed for inter office and work group communication.

You can communicate with your office colleagues or associates no matter wherever they are located as long as they are connected to the Internet.

The most important thing of CD Messenger is SSL Security that means, the software is 100% secured so that the data would be secured and stored on the server and it does not depend on the LAN connections. The data can be accessed from anywhere anytime!

Create more organized Work groups

Using CD Messenger software you can now make your office PC more organized. You will be providing your office staffs a chat application that is going to be used only by them.

Only those who are working in the office can use this software so, there is very less possibility of any kind of distractions, disturbances in the office.

After being signed up you can create more user ID’s so, that you can communicate with other members of your group.

It also allows you to start group chatting where the whole office could become a part of this. Also you can add/remove people as you proceed.

There is an advanced feature that comes along this application is that it enhances the communication power even more by enabling to use sticky notes and a reminder system for events. Also you can create and share to-do list task management and event alerts to increase the productivity in the workplace.

FYI: Sticky Notes (digital yellow chits) are the simple notes to yourself in which you have recorded you’re planning’s to present during your next office meeting. Also you can send stickies to one another in office as well as to yourself to execute a variety of tasks such as reminders and event alerts.

Key features of the CD Messenger: At a glance

• It is powerful than email messaging system developed completely for office use and can send instant messages efficiently, faster than ever.
• You will get instant responses to your instant messages.
• You are allowed group broadcasting of your instant messages.
• There is a built-in scheduled visual and audio alert for the first time in an instant messaging system.
• Sticky notes, to-do lists and event alerts are neatly integrated with the instant messenger.
• You can have facility of offline message delivery and live spell checking too!

CD Messenger is a simple secure and smart solution for office communication that fulfills all the requirements of organization communication and individual needs.

Get, set go…Download the CD Messenger today and feel the difference in workplace, you will be up and running in no time.

Keep in touch with everyone, everywhere, all the time!!!

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