Mobile & iPad Teleportation-3D-AR Virtual Armchair Travel, 360 Degrees

Embed Panoramic Photo Tours to any Blog or Web 360 Degrees by Cell or Cam: TourWrist

The new and innovative inventions evolves with each passing day, it seems science and technology are at their best ever phases; they play a significant role in the growth and advancement of this human race.

Creative concept at a glance: How to turn panoramic photos into the virtual tours that can be embedded into any website or blog?

Here, I would like to introduce one such web-tech fiction known as TourWrist, which allows its users to turn the panoramic photos into virtual tours and even can be embedded into any website or blog.

Well…the genius masterminds all over the world are working and implementing all their talents, endowments, information and knowledge that leads to the progress of mankind.

About TourWrist

It is a mobile and web based virtual tour company that endows its users to shoot, upload, search for view and share the 360° experiences.

The main aim of TourWrist is to improve the location oriented decisions of the customers.

It is one of the best online platforms that allow users to capture, share and view Augmented Reality based 3D virtual online tours of anywhere all over the globe.

Check out the real deal out there!

In the present tech web scenario, the computer graphics and the innovative technologies have become artificially smart and intellectually appealing. The technocrats all over the world are pushing the obstacles and are trying hardly to integrate & blend the REAL and the VIRTUAL world and indeed they somehow are successful in that :)

Another fine technology that has change the look of the tech world, the Augmented Reality, that blots the line between what is real and what is computer generated is currently hitting the tech world and is rather transforming or you can say, morphing or rather re-shaping the real world into a virtual world to lead the Second Life.

Inspired with the Augmented Reality technology and Teleportation too, the tech experts have invented another outstanding feature called as TourWrist, one of the most spectacular virtual-tour user experiences anywhere in the world.

Tours what’s and how’s?

Basically, Tours is guided visit to a particular space or say, virtual place. TourWrist allows its users to browse through the number of collections or tours of panoramic photos that they can spin, zoom and drag the tours in 360° or to any direction.

The tours are engrafted so, that you can add them on any website or any blog as same as you add any video on YouTube.

Working of TourWrist

Using TourWrist on your Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), they just become an entrance that allows you to shoot, capture and search the various panoramic views. When you point your device up or down, you will get the complete view of the “Tours” through your non-rational, touch based controls.

You can even check out the travel destinations in moment of time, as well as the hotels and restaurants nearby or even look inside the new homes. The amazing tool TourWrist attracts most of the panoramic photographers by concentrating more on distribution which is the browser friendly interface.

With potency in searching, sorting and sharing tools, TourWrist allows you to travel remotely and gives you the wider space to your creativity.

You even can create your own Tours using the TourWrist application. It’s a real fun and easy to create your own tours. Check it out in site for further details and thus you will be able to smoothly shoot, share your environment with the rest of the world.

Salient features of TourWrist

• It has come through the 3D view technology that tracks the movement of device top show the matching.
• It allows non-rational touch based navigation too!
• It allows the access to the beautiful images from some of the world intelligent photographers.
• The application TourWrist is completely FREE!
• The supporting descriptions such as maps, web links gives a larger view of each area you search.
• You can even bookmark your favorite tours and can share then via email, Twitter or Facebook.

You can download the Free TOURWRIST iOS virtual tour app (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) from iTunes App store and the official site of TourWrist.

Brief look on Teleportation!

Tele-portation has always been and is still one of the most fascinated human sci-fi fantasies!!! Human Teleportation may sound like sci-fi romance flick, but it is actually a remarkable development that the scientists all over world say may someday it is actually possible to teleport an object instantly all the way across the extra galactic nebula.

In this world of instant communication, it always amazes me about how small our circles are? Really, world is becoming closer than ever before due to outstanding science and technology fictions.

Well…the world of science has crossed all the limits that you can now be able to teleport yourself anywhere in the world in less than a minute. Surprised?

So get set go to get 'Teleport" Home this Holiday!

Real life Teleportation?

Just imagine, if there is a way to get you from your home to the supermarket without using your car? Or surprise meets at your boy friend house that is miles away from you?

Scientists from all over the world are working to use this method of Time Travel or e-travel that combines the properties of telecommunication and transportation to reach to a system called as Teleportation.

It just means that time and space could literally be taken out from travel and we could be transported to any location without actually crossing a physical distance.

Great…you can now virtually teleport yourself and land at your boyfriend’s house instantly through an immersive, heartwarming virtual 3D, Augmented Reality studded tour experience and please him as well, regardless of where he is over this globe, cool!!

Capture and share your virtual 3D tours and taste the thunder!


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