Google Search Contest: Fill the Caption in Cartoons!

Google's Search Creative Contest to fill-in the caption for the cartoons strips!

Google the Internet search giant and much more than the search engine has launched an interesting contest to fill-in-the caption over the cartoons strips : )

Google is amazing, it is intelligent than human, they are philanthropic, they are technically most advanced in the world, they are best employers for many Adsense publishers in the world, without Google there is no virtual life and now no real life, if there is NO GOOGLE!

Creativity is now a synonym for Google and this caption filling contest is only a way to share and show your talent to the world, via Google,

Google'sofficial blogs depicts about this creative Google's caption contest as:

"What's the Search?

Come up with your most creative caption illustrating what these characters are searching for on Google. You can also vote for your favorites and share them with friends!"

Enter the caption a cartoon Google competition and have some fun these holidays, think wild, Go wild, buzz your creativity with Google and the real virtual world, vote them and go to the top of Mount Everest!

Do not wait for any official Google prizes, fun is the best thing to give away and Google is giving away that perfectly and for free :)


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