Gift Free Santa Call (Voice) to your Kids, This Christmas!

Gift FREE Santa Claus voice calls to your kids, how?

The ambiance is set up for the Christmas bash all around. Christmas, New Year and holidays are again back in full swing. Everyone is in merry, mirth, cheer mood; especially the kids of all ages have made lots of plans for the Christmas and New Year.

Yes…there is aroma of joy spread all over the environment. The kids are busy counting in their favorite toys & movies like Home Alone or Polar Express, So, why not make a surprise treat for your loving daughter and/or a son?

You can now get a FREE personalized phone call sent from Santa Claus to your child this Christmas.

What’s and How’s?

There is everything for everyone in this glorious tech cosmos. Even the kids are now benefited with the amazing technologies that are being innovated in this tech world.

A mobile application called as DialMyCalls is distributing a wide array of holiday cheer in this Christmas with kids all across the country by offering FREE personalized phone calls from their beloved Santa Claus (North Pole)!

A smart cell phone / mobile application is offering a special gift, FREE holiday greetings for all its users. Using the voice broadcasting service, the company will able to send the calls from the most loved and favorite character of Christmas, Santa Claus to the kids of all the ages all over the globe.


Santa Claus is the dream man, loved and cherished, favorite Christmas character of every child. Make your child surprise this Christmas by getting a personalized voice phone call from Santa (Saint Nicholas) itself.

To receive the call you just have to:

• Select your child’s name and the content you want to send him/her from Santa.
• Then pick up the date, time and the phone number where you want the call to send.
• The application will automatically create a personalized message and send it to the desired destination.

Envisage your child’s expression after getting a personalized phone call from Santa with his or her name! Let the magic happen on the go!

Celebrate this Christmas with lot of fun and pleasure along with the personalized phone calls directly from Santa Claus. Surely, it will add double happiness in your kid’s life.

In brief: DialMyCalls

DialMyCalls is a voice broadcasting company founded in 2006, continuing in enhancing its existence in voice broadcasting service. This application is also available for all the iPhone and Android users. The application is extremely easy to use. It allows its users to send messages to the list of phone numbers in seconds.

The company loves to please their users by the adding the special events like the personalized phone calls from Santa.

Join the unique Christmas celebrations this year with the calls from Santa and enjoy the merry time! We wish all joy and happiness that you can wish…

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone out there from our team :)


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