Access Your PC / Mac on a Mobile, iPad: Anytime, Anywhere for Free, How To?

A FREE, on-demand 'Remote Control' which brings Your entire Computer/Mac on your Apple iPad or iPhone, Android! Access anytime, anywhere for FREE!

LogMeIn is the name of the game which promises to bring your entire Mac, PC or Laptop (access) on your Apple iOS: iPhone/iPad, so you can access it on the go, anytime, anywhere just for 0 pennies!

There are 2 versions of LogMeIn, one is on demand Free Remote Access and the other one is Pro one which comes for a premium ($39.99 per year) with enhanced functionality (like HD and cloud integration and such) and features.

There is also an 'Ignition' to access your Mac, PC via your Android devices, like Apple iPhone/iPad.

A Remote Controlled Wireless (over WIFI / 3G) for your Mac, PC, Get access and work done from anywhere on the Earth!

LogMeIn is a beautiful on-demand 'remote controlled' wireless solution for your Laptop/PC if you do not want to carry that bulky laptop over Android or iPad or iPhone as LogMeIn is like a wake on LAN which remotely can start your sleeping PC on the LAN and thus you would be able to get your work done, do physical distances matter now to you in this wonder tech age?!


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