Germany: Free International Call & SMS on Real Phone Numbers

Finally Phone-Luck, lands into the German Soil, while US-ians are accustomed to this : )

Pinger DE is 'giving away' its FREE taxting and free talking in/to/from Germany to/from the real phone numbers! Using Pinger DE one can make free local, long distance phone calls in Germany and from Germany, free calling to 200 countries too, the SMS are also free and all this to real phone numbers not the VOIP calling! is a German telecom company and a name and an app for iOS and Android and much more than that of an app, popular in Europe, where there mobile phone calling and SMS rates are quiet high from anywhere in the world!

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Earn Points from incoming phone calls ....

Pinger DE has devised a mechanism, by using it a user can earn reward points on his incoming phone calls and also on SMS, the inbound reward points later could be redeemed or cashed to make free outgoing calls / sms.

While signing up for Pinger DE, the user has to choose one local or dedicated German Pinger phone number to make voice calls and texting.

They proudly claims : )

“Pinger DE is a real game-changer for mobile services in Europe,” said Greg Woock, CEO and co-Founder of Pinger. “The magic happens over WiFi or your data plan. We’re the first to give Germans completely free mobile calling and SMS and look forward to making our products available to all European consumers.”


This 2011 September, the Pinger's already has launched its free PINGER SMS, which are Free in Germany!

But the Pinger DE is a brand new communications app for making and receiving phone calls both domestically and internationally to and from Germany for free!

The good is that the Pinger SMS Free customers also can freely upgrade to Pinger DE app and also keep their existing phone number.


SutherlandGold Group for Pinger
Julia Vinyard, 415-655-4561
[email protected]


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