Free World Wi-Fi Numbers, What-s & How-s?

Reserve a FREE Personal World Wi-Fi Number (World Online Number) with Republic Wireless: How To?

Republic Wireless! Did you ever heard of this in MVNO in the US? They are working like a charm in US, providing TRULY unlimited data, text and voice calls a month for just USD 19 flat, no fine prints involved, they are GENTLEMEN ;) never you will be overcharged with no compromise to the data speed etc. Clearly there are NO FAIR USAGE POLICY as such, so chill!

Techcrunch rightly term them as “the potentially disruptive mobile phone carrier that uses special hybrid Wifi/cellular phones” …

What is Republic Wireless? (Hybrid Calling on Cell Phones and Tablets)

FYI: You know Republic is a Sprint Nextel MVNO / mobile operator, as it needs one cellular network for connecting its customers, when they go out of range over WiFi, thus RW had made an agreement with Sprint Nextel to get voice & data capability on its CDMA network!

Republic Wireless (RW) is a UMA / Hybrid (smart) intelligent Calling which automatically switches (hops) in-between the WIFI or a cellular network, to reduce your communication bills (only on special Android cell phones) and give you the best quality, you deserve!

Get a World WIFI Personal Number with Republic Wireless! (Only to first 100 million guys on Earth only)

An Introduction to the World WIFI Numbers: A Passport to call or text the World for Free

… They say that they have got their own international country code (+883-5110). If you want to claim your (8 digit) personal World WIFI number than come along with Republic Wireless, the world WIFI number costs nothing and it is free for you! Just reserve it.

... Later their plans are that you will be able to link your chosen World Wi-Fi Number with your republic wireless cell phone and this would be primary domestic number.

When RW will be ready to roll out this new feature, they will thmself provide more information on what it does and how to use it? Till than keep your fingers closed. Just choose and book a free world WIFI number for you!

The unique world WIFI number-s would make you enable and your friends to make a voice call or SMS you using ANY phone, in any country directly to your republic wireless phone and they will never have to pay extra bills or charges for the hefty international long distance… means all international calls will be free!

Learn about Republic Wireless World WIFI Number concept, what they explains as:

What is a World Wi-Fi Number?

"A World Wi-Fi Number is a secondary number assigned to your republic wireless phone (in addition to your primary domestic number). The World Wi-Fi Number makes it easier and cheaper for family and friends outside the US to stay in touch with you.
Why should I get one?

Right now, with republic wireless your friends and family in the US can call or text you anywhere in the US and it costs you $19 per month, whether you’re in Wi-Fi or not. You can also receive calls anywhere in the world (as long as you have Wi-Fi) from friends and family in the US with no extra cost or hassle.

But what about friends and family outside the US? When someone outside the US places a call to a US number, that call is routed overseas by their carrier via one or more intermediary companies. Normally, fees get added by all the companies along the way. In the case of republic, we now offer every carrier in the world a way to pass us that traffic directly, at no charge."

What is here for me?

RW’s country code will provide the US based people, the free international calling on cell phones on the go, this works just like any overseas phone call works, and this is all without the fees. Like when start an international call using your phone over Wifi, than this will be absolutely free of charges, and this never matters where in the world you are talking!

Also when your contact overseas will call you, they jhave to dial in Republic’s ‘country code’, 883-5110 > your phone number; thus that incoming call for you will also be free for the both end callers! Intelligent concept, it seems!

Google loves Republic Wireless WIFI world Number concept too?!

Sources reveals that Google too is integrating the RW intermodal WIFI number code 883-5110 within its Gmail phone functionality, and like Google many will allow RW soon, they claims!

Note: RW says that when/if a country has its own country fees, that still will aplly.

For example, if one of your contacts lives in the United Kingdom, uses Orange, when he make a call to your Republic Wireless WIFI number, than this call will be free only if Orange has opted into supporting Republic’s international code.

To support this claim RW guys has putted up a dedicated web page to enable the carriers’ sign up if they want to support Republic’s International Country Code! Which clearly says that:

there is no termination cost to any carrier to interconnect and send calls and sms to 883-5110”.

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