Free Voice SMS on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

On this grand tech or digital canvas, the tech wizards have painted the numerous applications that furnish us with an easier, comfortable way of connecting with our near and dear ones.

Though, there are lots of mobile applications and technologies that provide FREE service of sending SMS but can you ever think of texting for you through your own voice recognition?

Here comes in light, a brand new application called Voice Text Pro, the first and only voice activated text messaging application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

A hands free device, Voice Text Pro

The means and ways of communications have modified in the current tech scenario. Everyone is connected with their loved ones who are miles away from them due to the advancements in technologies and applications.

In most of the cities, now it is a law that you can not text while you are driving. But sometimes it becomes essential to text while you are on drive!

So here we present an excellent option called as Voice Text pro that allows you to send a message without typing it! Surprised?!

…now anyone can send unlimited text messages that are voice activated and are FREE too!

Just speak up and the application will convert your voice into a message and will send it to the desired destination. A complete Hands free application indeed!

The application is completely safe for those who always want to text while driving. As it is a Hands free application, no need to touch or look at the mobile screens.


The very voice texting application entirely runs on the devices and does not use the Server. So, even on 3G, Wi-Fi you always get consistent fast voice texting and all the data is 100% secured.

Three easy steps to send voice text

1. Say the contact name.
2. Say the text message.
3. The application will automatically load the text, just hit the SEND button and your message is send!

Salient features of the application

• It is a total hands free application.
• You can send unlimited FREE SMS.
• Can combine multiple messages by using “Say More” option.
• Also you can create the nicknames.
• You can browse, edit pronunciation of contacts.
• Even you can turn feature ON/OFF by your voice too!
• If you want to cancel the text you had dictated, just press SHAKE option to cancel the text.
• The application is fully embedded, no server, your contact data is also 100% secured.

A Voice Text Pro iOS application ($4.99) is an absolute, sheer necessity for any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch user.

One of my AGED friends finds it hard, always to type the messages; because of this he does not reply me frequently :( Voice Text Pro, is going to be a worth application for him :)

Literally anything that you want to text by voice is UNLIMITED so have Fun on the go in your own voice: Just communicate, talk, chat …!

Delight your friends or even girl friends by replying to their messages in your voice, this is better than the voicemail :)

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