Free international calls with Localphone

Free or Cheap Overseas phone calls with Localphone, on the Go, no need of apps, 3G, WIFI or PC-Internet!

Localphone has been around since 2007 and is a leading provider of cheap international calls and free VoIP calls.

You can call over 250 countries from as little as 0.5¢ per minute. You can use Localphone to make cheap international calls from your mobile, landline or computer. Plus, you can also make free pc to pc calls with Localphone.

Get Free Phone Calls

Firstly, all new customers get a 5 minute free call (local or abroad) when they sign up to Localphone. This is a great advantage for you because you can call any country for free for 5 minutes and see for yourself how good the call quality is.

To make calls from your computer you can download the free Internet Phone app to your desktop. Plug in your microphone and speakers then log in to the app and dial your friend abroad. If your friend is also a customer of Localphone you can call each other for free through the Internet Phones! Localphone is also compatible with your own VoIP device.

Use Local Numbers

If you want to make international calls from your mobile or landline the most popular way is to use the Local Numbers service. This works by giving you a local phone number to call that connects through to your friend abroad. You can save these numbers to your phone and also download the free iPhone and Android apps to make international calls on the move.

Calls' Pitch?!

The call quality is very high and they don’t add on extra connection fees or hidden charges. Plus the call rates are some of the cheapest around starting at 0.5¢ per minute. Take a look at a sample of Localphone rates compared with Skype’s:

United States 0.5¢ / min,
India 1.5¢ / min
Pakistan 2¢ / min
China 1¢ / min
Singapore 1¢ / min
South Africa 1.5¢ / min
Bangladesh 3.5¢ / min

Skype’s rates:
United States 2.3¢ / min
India 9.2¢ / min
Pakistan 14.5¢ / min
China 2.3¢ / min
Singapore 2.3¢ / min
South Africa 6.9¢ / min
Bangladesh 13¢ / min

To try Localphone:

Sign up here right now, why to think, it is for free, nothing to loose, and never require credit card number to make first FREE test call anywhere on the Earth!

Verify your phone number and click to make a free call.

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