FREE 4G-LTE / Mobile Broadband in USA: 2012?

Genius idea: A FREE wireless broadband / 4G-LTE voice and mobile services nationwide in the USA.

Are you exhausted of paying monthly hefty broadband and mobile bills? But you might not have to anymore. Surprised?!

If this world will NOT come to an end on the most hyped date: Dec 21, 2012, than may be our US Telecom world will witness a wireless revolution much before ...

FreedomPop is a groundbreaking initiative that dreams to provide a FREE wireless broadband LTE / 4G, voice and mobile services like voice calls etc. to the Americans, starting 2012.

Check out the real heck out here!

Niklas Zennstorm the co-founder of Skype has got some terrific plans in his creative brain and is planning a new venture that has motive to bring FREE broadband communication channels to all in the Americas.

His new venture FreedomPop is supported by his venture capital company Atomico and has signed up a deal with LightSquared, which is recently building a nationwide 4G LTE network incorporated with satellite coverage that will be wholesale only.

The company will be soon hitting the tech market in 2012 with an ultimate, quality goal to ensure that every American citizen can get FREE, fast, easy and convenient access to communication service that is completely based on the LightSquared network.

The main motto of the company is "Internet is a right, not a privilege”

Skype provides us with FREE worldwide phone calls (audio and video) but just riding on someone else shoulder. FreedomPop has accepted a challenge of providing a free mobile internet access service with the great support of satellite broadband outfit LightSquared.

Main aim of the company!

The company currently confronts long list of challenges but the aims are higher, though the LightSquared owns a large, cherished path of licensed wireless spectrum with the great support of billionaire investors.

The company believes in bringing the connectivity to all the Americans. The company will introduce itself to the tech world probably in 2012, pointing the un-merited, unworthy markets first.

Brief about LightSquared

LightSquared is a wholesale carrier building, a nationwide wireless broadband network that has a special task to revolutionize the US wireless industry.

LightSquared offers people the speed, value and reliability of the universal connectivity with the nationwide 4G-LTE network integrated with the satellite connection. LightSquared will be distributing an open 4G wireless broadband network to be used by the existing and also the new service providers to sell their own applications and services at private- enterprise rate.

Brief about FreedomPop

A debut company FreedomPop, founded in 2011 is creating its place in the telecom world. Its main aim is to provide disruptive voice and internet services to everyone living in America and to see that no one is left off within the connectivity. Its initial service will soon launch in 2012. FreedomPop will be working together with the LightSquared to develop the wireless broadband network.

What we think:

Going through the above discussion, though it sounds great but we personally feel that how do FreedomPop going to offer this service for FREE? Do not know yet! Time will tell…when it will perhaps hit the US telecom world in 2012.

Can a wholesale provider of 4G wireless service would be the competitor to the other services in the US wireless market place?

Let us wait and watch, our fingers go crossed now!! Anything can happen anytime in this wonderful cration of the Gods, the Earth : )

Best wishes to FreedomPop from our Telephoon team :)


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