Drop Digital (Virtual) Products on Real World Streets? How To?

Street's Digital Objects, Pick them Up & Drop in Real World Streets, How to?

Play Location Based Treasure Hunt or Do Marketing using Repudo App on your iOS / Android ... This is a Digital to Real World addiction

A new app Repudo 3 is on the streets, a location based app which intelligently uses GPS, Accelerator & Gyroscope and camera too and such navigation techniques with all of its skills.

So What is Repudo App is all about?

Repudo is a Dutch initiative to connect the digital multimedia virtual world with the real and actual world and to bring the folks on real streets!Justify FullIn brief, the Repudo tries to pick up and than drop the digital messages on a specific location to make guys surprised, The app is available for iOS and Android right now.

It seems tough to grab the very concept in the beginning but as you know it you will be surprised on its fun aspect and how does it is good for any marketing.


Use this location based mobile phone technology, the Repudo on smart Apple or Android gadgets, download app, click it, it will launch your phone's camera, it will use 3D functionality, just leave (drop) or pick a Repudo (digital multimedia belongings),

You can better understand the very complex-ed concept only after 2 or 3 reads, and watching this YouTube video!


Download Repudo App for Android

Download Repudo App for Apple iOS

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