Don't Call: ‘Locked Debit Card’ (Scam Alert)

Cyber Crimes and Modern Technology: How to Tackle?

Hacking, Cracking, Viruses, Trojan and Malware are the other side of the Internet coin, they are software intelligent program, no doubt that very intelligent guys produced them but only for the negative reasons, this leads to cyber crime in laws of many countries, now.

Well, there is an another Cyber fraud or SMS scam is rotating around, like in US, you may receive a (fake) text message on your cell phone like: Your debit card is locked for security reasons, call this ***** phone number to unlock it instantly!

Never Do

And as you will call that phone number you may get in trouble, that phone number may lead you to end up with something terrible with your debit card or bank account, so beware!

What to do?

Never call that phone number mentioned in the SMS, instead call your bank or debit card provider phone number, printed on the back of your little plastic money! You will be safe,

This scam works on the line of email used to hack bank account or such, when someone opens a link in hacker's email to his bank he routs to he hackers' website, and as he fill his login details, things go out of his control!

The phone number is though may be from US in this debit card scam but the person lived out of US, so the law becomes diluted, cyber crime is always tough to locate or punish as this involves the real countries (not virtual) and many laws of land hinders!

So better be cyber educated and alerted yourself. Take care,


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