Difference in NFC & Bluetooth Mobile Technologies

What is the Difference between the Blue Tooth & NFC Cell phone technologies?

There are various technologies/applications striving hard in the current web scenario. Each and every technology as well as applications promised to be better, full of fun as well as easier than others.

There is a great boost in the world of modern technologies in the field of communication. Here you can see different forms of apps/ technologies which are invented for ease of the users. But you can see differences in these technologies too.

Well, do we know some of the differences between the NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth Mobile Technologies?

Difference in NFC & Bluetooth Mobile Technologies
Difference in NFC & Bluetooth Mobile Technologies
NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth are short range high frequency wireless communication technologies structured with the electronic devices for the safe use of the electronic devices.

NFC as the name indicates, it is the technology for two electronic devices to act wireless way at a very short range. While Bluetooth is also a wireless technology that is designed for the interaction of two communication devices within a 10 meter range without any physical connection.

NFC and smart payments via Mobiles

NFC allows simple transactions such as data exchange and wireless connection between two devices in close proximity to each other. NFC is now widely used to system for making payments check out through your Smartphone, like Google Wallet pays on tapping the smart cell phone!

Near Field Communication (NFC) Versus Blue Tooth: Key Differences!

Bluetooth is a copyright protocol for a short range communication with the high level of security. It’s an open wireless technology used for exchanging data over short distance from the mobile devices. It can connect several devices overcoming with the problem of synchronization. Bluetooth has master and slave architecture.

NFC uses low power in compare to Bluetooth and also the setup time for NFC is much less than the Bluetooth.

You can use NFC on the mobile phones too! Like to open the door of the hotel room, unlock your BMW car etc. NFC is generally used for pairing devices. NFC is a user friendly technology.

Bluetooth is widely used in wireless headphones, keyboards, cell phones. Bluetooth pairing is instant than NFC. As Bluetooth is the standard for channelizing large amount of information between devices, we can think Bluetooth as a wireless cable network.

NFC requires the power source from the start to the finish and is the standard for transferring the small amount of information between devices so; we can think NFC as a credit card reader …


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