Dial Free US, Canada Phone Calls via Google+ Plus Hangout!

How to Dial free phone calls to US, Canada Phone Numbers for free? with Google Plus Hangout?

Google’s social channel the Google+ (Plus) opens absolutely free calls to Canada & US phone numbers using it hangouts features, another blow for Skype the VOIP King?!

Google is the internet’s unmatched search giant and the owner of its own social network, the Google Plus like Facebook!

Google is trying to ‘woo’ whole of the world like Alexander the Great won this world! … Foraying its presence in most lucrative product of today, entering in the FREE VOICE (conferencing) COMMUNICATION!

Though Google has many things like free Gmail (email), free calls to USA, Canada (and low cost calling to rest of the world) using Gmail and such many communication channels, but now Google has opened its doors to make absolutely free phone calls from Google Plus Hangouts to USA / Canada phones from anywhere!

Google+ Hangout Now is more addictive and will be popular as it can Have People even Hooked while they offline or are Mobile on their Cell Phones, SIM based Tablet phones on the Go

This will not limited only to web to web free calls feature but includes web to actual phones numbers (PSTN/Cell phones) free calling. The free calling also can be done to non Google plus users in US / Canada.

Turn a Web Call into an actual phone call, how to and/or activate a party line in your Hangout (Hangout with Extras) ...

The guy you are calling from Google Plus need NOT to have a laptop or PC or internet or even a Google+ account either (are in offline mode with no computer access), just call him for free from your Google Plus Hangout and as he takes the voice call and replies, his voice will be heard in your Google+ Hangout group by anyone and they can equally listen in on the whole of the Hangout session!

Thanks to the Google team (and to Oikarninen, the original creator of Internet Relay Chat) they know what a man need today! Initially this is for US, Canada but later may envelope whole of the world free phone calling.

Facebook-Microsoft-Skype-VOIP-Free Calls-Google Plus Nexus!

Facebook recently opened its voice and video conversation for its world wide visitors for free partnering MS Skype, but now Google Plus entry to the world of free phone calls in Americas / Canada will make the competition tough, neither Facebook, nor Google can say that it is kids’ play!

Quality, facilities and such have always to get improved if anyone wants his visitors may glue to him for a long! And cell phones on the go should be the next feature to initiate the free global calls on the Go, without need of internet, apps, 3G or WIFI, like Rebtel and LocalPhone mVOIP provides for!

To make free phone calls in/to America / Canada do this:

1. Click Invite at the top of the hangouts with extras window
2. Click the Phone tab on the left of the window, and enter the phone number you wish to call.
3. Click Call now.


* Like many VOIP providers Google hangout free calling never claims to make Emergency or 911 calls using them ...

* The Google+ Hangout audio/video call conferencing can have a mix of both the: video Hangout calls + audio or voice telephone calls with 2 PSTN guys in US/Canada, all for free and unlimited!

* The outgoing phone calls would show your Google Voice number, if you have one,

* Google+ Update: Each hangout participant can have at most two simultaneous PSTN calls ongoing.

Well! from this official Google+ update, could we guess that we can call out to 2 people on the PSTN phone, and similarly the other conferencing participant can also make call out to two more, and so on ...???


* Still you are NOT permitted to choose from your list of contacts to make a call, you have to enter phone numbers manually,

* People offline can not make a phone call to Hangout group to join the calling conversation, the free calls are one way calls : (

* Satisfy with just 2 and only 2 (but they are unlimited and free to actual phone numbers and not limited to free PC calling) PSTN outgoing calls of Google Plus Hangout.


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