Classroom Pager: Free SMS to a Class in US! How To?

How to (free) text your classroom? Breakthrough in Instant Group Communication Technology!

For the schools & teachers all over the globe, there is an innovative application called as Class Pager that allows teachers to easily interact with their students in the class.

Well…today’s modern age is incredibly equipped with numerous modern, advanced technologies where most of the people receive all of their information, education and entertainment from technology.

The expert brains all over the world are trying their level hard to invent more new technologies and applications that eases the life of human beings all over the world.

Here, is one such technology called as ClassPager which is out of the Blues and is more useful, more practicable for the students and the teachers all over the world.

ClassPager, what is the idea behind?!

There are lots of tools and technologies available in this giant tech cosmos that are also useful for the educators. ClassPager is one of those that allow the teachers to stay connected with their respective classrooms through SMS service.

ClassPager is actually a tool that permits teachers to broadcast recent updates to the parents and the students. It is a new site that allows teachers to text in classrooms and can also be a good tool for a question and answer session.

Text your classroom (Group messaging to whole of the class at once)

Well, now you can merge the modern technologies of learning at your classrooms too. With the help of ClassPager, you can broadcast recent updates to students as well as the parents like school meets, homework changes etc. You can engage any students on any device during the school hours or later too.

ClassPager is extremely easy to handle and a FREE, safe way to text message with parents and students.

Following are the three easy steps to get enroll you into the class.

1. Firstly, as a teacher, you can add your class name into the system and the application automatically generates a FREE ClassPager code for the classroom.

2. Now, you can share this unique code with the parent and the students. Anyone who texts using this code would get enrolled in the class.

3. Here you are ready to send messages. Also you can start individual conversation with your class students too. As a teacher, you will only see their name and not their phone numbers.

An amazing thing about the ClassPager is that it never shows the teacher anyone’s phone number and even does not ask to share teacher’s number with students.

Every classroom is assigned with one phone number and that’s the only thing with which the parent or student interact with. Once the student messages teacher, ClassPager simply asks for his/her name and only the name of student is shown to the teacher.

They say…teachers never see student phone number and students never see the teacher’s phone number.

Fundamental features of ClassPager

• You can use ClassPager to instantly message everyone’s phone, knowing that they will surely read it.
• Also ClassPager protects everyone’s phone numbers while you manage everything easily from the web.
• You can use ClassPager to run class room polls and confirm that everyone has understood what is taught during the class.
• Teachers can add up to 5 classes on the ClassPager.

FYI: currently the application supports messaging within the USA.

Indeed, ClassPager is a great way to incorporate 21st century technology with students and classes.


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