Carrier IQ for Dummies

Is Carrier IQ, a Spy Software within the Cell Phones and helps the mobile carriers?! (Complete One page guide (at-a-glance) for dummies to know more about the 'controversial' Carrier IQ).

What is the Carrier IQ?

When I first read about the recent Carrier IQ stories, I thought it is about or something related to some crazy and funny things, I thought that Carrier IQ perhaps measures the ‘IQ’ of the telecom carriers/providers or the carriers, I was silly huh, well, Carrier IQ (CIQ) has nothing to do with your Career or any IQ! This is related to your cell phone and the telecom carrier!

… Well, ask SIRI, the intelligent virtual secretary on the Apple iPhone 4S, or do Google, what is Carrier IQ, perhaps they will come with a straight forward answer to your intelligent query?!

Searches have become Artificially Intelligent, than human brain, which had created the very software we know as Search Engines. They have complex set of large equations or algorithms, data banks and Engineers to tweak them as per our needs,

Human brain is largely a much complex human anatomical spheroid, governed by the unknown Force of the Gods, and adapts, reprograms itself with the period of long time of activities according to the usability …

Carrier IQ is an Embedded Analytics Company to support mobile handsets to add IQ and make them smart!?

Anyways, Carrier IQ or CIQ is a piece of Software or root-kit for mobile phone application, it stealthily stores/receives the data and than it transmits the data to the mobile phone or cell phone service providers,

Many handsets makers like the Apple, HTC, Samsung etc uses Carrier IQ software (in partnership with mobile carriers like AT&T, Sprint … they say this is a ROOTKIT software) in their hardware or smart mobile handsets, also Carrier IQ can be inside your Android based devices or cell phones too. Though Nokia, RIM denies to use this controversial mobile phone software on their hardware and Kindle Fire, Windows Phones (WP) gives negative results for any CIQ within!

About CarrierIQ:

Carrier IQ is the California based software company (since 2005) which provides for the Mobile Service Intelligence Solutions to the Wireless people and Industry…this provides the Wireless Carriers and also the Handset Manufacturers an insight into the customers’ wireless experience?!

Why Carrier IQ is controversial, what is the Buzz & Fuss?

The controversial Carrier IQ is in the news as it has the allegations that this mobile phone software / application runs and works in the background, without the knowledge of the owner of the cell phone, acts like a SPY (stealth) SOFTWARE (virus / Trozan / Malware) and hurts the users’ privacy very badly?! It can track the usage patterns, logging, tracking etc and can supply these private and sensitive data to the mobile network or the carrier; it works a bit like any key logger or simply a hidden Malware without the knowledge of the owner of that pathetic cell phone …

The Connecticut guy a researcher and developer Trevor Eckhart posted a 17 minute YouTube video depicting how Carrier IQ works and this software logs every SMS, keystroke / full URL in a Google search and phone number. But it is unsure that what is the quantum of the info which is supplied and directed to the telecom mobile phone carriers?

Endgadget further elaborates: "Trevor's phone was in airplane mode, operating only over WiFi. Although his actions were outside the scope of his wireless carrier (Sprint), the software continued to monitor his every key press. On his Android device, it's evident that Carrier IQ is running, even though it does not appear in the list of active processes. Further, the application doesn't respond to "Force Quit" commands, and it's set to start up when Android launches."

... The carriers say this information helps in improving their telecom networks? Really?

US’s Verizon and Canada’s carriers viz.: Bell, Telus and Rogers and such have an advisory denying the use of Carrier IQ on their respective networks

"Rogers does not request or activate Carrier IQ on any device. When we asked our OEM’s for confirmation we believed it was not installed but have since learned that it may be embedded in some older OS, defaulted OFF. We recognize some customers are concerned about Carrier IQ and are working with our manufacturers to investigate further.”

Apple too has confirmed that:

“We stopped supporting Carrier IQ with iOS 5 in most of our products and will remove it completely in a future software update”

Anyways, How to block Carrier IQ on Apple iOS devices, can I block this really?

App to track if CIQ is dancing within your Android mobile phone/devices?

Carrier IQ (CIQ) Press Release,

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