Call or Text LinkedIn & Facebook Contacts without Knowing Their Phone Number!

How to call or text anyone in your online social networks (Linkedin and Facebook) without knowing their actual phone numbers (Free App)

Killer Idea: Call and text to anyone in your online social networks without using their cell phone numbers.

We are reeling in the very age of communication and are closely connected with each other by the social networking sites. Social networking sites really became of extreme importance in each and everyone’s life in this modern e-age. But most of the people do not like to be social online way :( I do not know why, but why should I bother?!

Anyways, since last approx 130 years, the only way to contact someone is to have their phone number. But the trend has changed now!

Do you ever think that from now we can call as well as text to anyone in our social network contact without having their personal number known? Great concept indeed!

A revolutionary concept, try SocialDial (for Android & iOS)!

The communication now has become an absolute necessity and life sustaining need in everyone’s life :) and why not, today’s technology is more affordable than ever, which means regular, common people even can afford the top-notch tech gadgets and gizmos.

Since the very, historic innovative invention of the Telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, hats off to him, the human beings feels a sense of security and joy that are now connected with their near and dear ones easily.

As the tech world is enhancing with all its powers, it is likely to be said that it will definitely change the current life style of human beings.

A communication application called as SocialDial has bloomed the tech world which connects the people with each other without having their cell phone numbers known.

Check out the real heck out here!

SocialDial, a new, free mobile application has been released recently by Bababoo, Inc. for both iOS: iPhone and Android. The application permits you to make call and even text your Facebook and LinkedIn friends without knowing their phone numbers.

The phone numbers are considered as a unique identity to contact someone. But ever since the great evolution of the social networking sites, we have lots of unique identities like our Facebook name, LinkedIn name and our email ID’s and many more. But we never think that we will be able to call someone using those identities, here comes SocialDial in the picture!

When you make a call using SocialDial, it will act like your local phone call that uses your minutes but no long distance charges. The texting using the SocialDial is completely FREE.

How does the application works?
To make use of this application you just have to:
1. Simply log in one of your social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.
2.SocialDial then automatically creates its own phone book that includes all your friend’s contacts.
3. To call or text them, just simply tap their name and SocialDial will call them.

What if your friend has not downloaded SocialDial?

Oh, do not worry at all, if a friend of yours does not have SocialDial downloaded yet, you can still make a call or text him and can leave a message to them. Your friend will get notified once he has logged in into his Facebook or LinkedIn ID.

Prominent features of the application
• You can call and text to any of your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts.
• You can leave message on in-built voice mail if they do not reply you.
• Can create group calls among your friends.
• It uses your carries local rate connection to provide the highest quality call that helps you reducing cost of your international calls.
Indeed, a new revolutionary, advocating way to stay connected with the peoples all over the globe!

Start talking, texting and chatting with your social networks today itself!

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