Call Santa via Gmail: 855-34-SANTA

Children all over the globe loves Santa Clause especially in the days of their Holidays, Christmas and New Year! Joy spreads in the sky like a charm full fragrance and everywhere we can see the high tides of fun, joy and love!

Well, want to call Santa, thanks to Google Gmail, now you can (remember that last year how guys in or around the U.S. did receive the customized and a special personal holiday phone call from Santa Claus).

Now Santa is in North Pole, busy and riding his reindeer, they say, you know that ... after all, reindeer are only so-so conversationalists ...

List your and of your family members special request for Santa Claus, call him right from your Google Gmail > leave a message at Santa's Google Voice number, which is: 855-34-SANTA.

May be Santa would not return your messages, he is on his toes, but for yu only Santa has a smart promised that he will keep you updated the very happenings rolling in the North Pole, day by day, So have a cheers!!! now.

Send a Unique Phone Call from Santa to any of yours:

Create & greet yours in voice of Santa with a unique, customized phone call from Santa to anyone you know in USA.

Keep tracking and chasing Santa online, or via GPS, guess and dream, send him voice messages, greetings and phone calls ... Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Official Google Blog: Ho-ho-hold the phone: Santa’s on the line

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