Accept Credit Cards on Cell Phones, Tablet, PC

Start swipe all major credit cards & debit cards on your any smart mobile phones in US, Canada on the Go, anywhere!

Credit Card reader for your smart cell phones, PC and tablet PCs!

Credit card reader for cell phones
Swap plastic card for payment over mobiles and tablets
Turn your cell phone or Apple iPad or any smart mobile or digital tablet device in a virtual terminal to accept plastic cards in Canada / USA ...

Did you hear of Squareup? They are now a famous US company which helps you in accepting credit card payments on your smart cell phones or mobile phones.

All cards like VISA, Master Card, Discovery, American Express and more are acceptable on this cell phone payment accepting device.

KUDOS too helps its US / Canada customers who owe a smart cell phone like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry or Android mobile devices or even you can accept payments on your PC or tablet devices,


There are approx. 32 million small businesses in the US and Canada and 18 million of them do not accept credit and debit cards,

Thus accepting credit card payments on smart cell phones, tablets, PC, laptop is still an nascent & untapped virgin and huge market for any company and a boon for the small and large businesses situated in the US and Canada!

With Kudos you can instantly accept credit card (plastic money) payment in REAL TIME, using your cell phone, iPad, Android: mobiles and tablets, Blackberry etc. Just give it a try and enhance your business and customer satisfaction too.

Kudos is a new credit card acceptance company with it's roots in credit card security. They are the only product of its kind in Canada, and they say, that unlike Square in the US, they are secure, and each customer get's their own merchant account.

Kudos is safe, secured, encrypted and easy to use on cell phones and digital tablets.


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