YouTube: Hajj Live Video Stream From Mecca

Live YouTube Video Stream Broadcast for Annual Hajj (Islamic ritual), Thanks Google & YouTube Video Streaming Technology

Islam is a faith and a religion followed by millions of billions hearts in the world, Islam and Christianity are one of the largest religions in the world.

Hajj is an annual pilgrimage for any Muslim, and going for the Hajj ritual in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is a matter or proud and faith for any Muslim during his life time, at least once!

Technology is making much advancements now and Google owned YouTube video platform/channel, for the very first time in the world is going to stream live, real time Hajj to its worldwide audience and the Muslims in particular.

We wish our Talkfree7 global readers a happy Hajj and have a pious feeling, watch Islamic live prayers and Hajj live and streaming on YouTube here or access the YouTube at your mobile or smart cell phones ...


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