Voxer Walkie Talkie & Group Chat App: iOS & Android

Voxer App transforms your iPhone, Android mobile into a Walkie-Talkie push-to-talk and Group Chat enabled!

Concept at a glance: how to turn your phone into Walkie-Talkie? (this handheld two way radio transceiver is something like a SMS but has 'voice' instead of 'texts')?

An evocative application like Nextel known as Voxer is speedily climbing up the iTunes App Store and Android market, while hitting the Twitter stream is going viral, it furnishes a walkie-talkie push-to talk voice service.

The Science and Technology is rapidly expanding, globalizing universally and thus, the human needs and wants are achieved more easily through its various innovative applications.

Really, the tech world is outfitted with lots of modern, advanced technologies and applications that make human life more prosperous and comfortable.

Communication has been always and is becoming lively nowadays :) yes…it is a featured ability which has made possible the evolution of human society.

There are numerous means of communication available in the current tech market. Communication makes us happy and alive with full spirits! We can stay connected with our loved ones and friends who are miles away from us because of innovative tech applications, Hats off to them :)

An introduction to new walkie talkie app, Voxer

Making a call or texting over land lines or mobile phones seems a bit tedious in this modern tech era. Do you ever wish that if your phone could be turned into a walkie talkie?

Here you are…with an application that works on your smart phones known as Voxer.

Voxer is a walkie talkie application for the iPhone and Androids that can send audio, photo, text and location messages to your friend or group of friends. Your friends can even hear your messages while they are busy in talking with other users or they can check it out later too!

The application offers a walkie talkie push-to-talk service. You can say that it is just like text messages but with the voice instead of text messages.

Functioning of Voxer app

A small start up that is hitting the tech market of iPhone and Androids is simple and easy to use.

You just have to download the application from iTunes or Androids, log in with Facebook and directly start chatting with other individual friends or groups that you had joined or created.

Here you can talk; record and listen live incoming messages and can also send text messages simultaneously while chatting.

Prominent features of Voxer
• It is a FREE voice application.
• It behaves like live walkie talkie.
• You can have live group voice chats, photo sharing, text sharing.
• It works over Wi-Fi, 3G and any other data network services.
• It creates messages even when you are offline.
• Get you notified with new messages.
• You can easily get connected with your Facebook friends on Voxer.

Do not waste any more time in making phone calls or voice mails, download Voxer from iTunes App Store or from Android market.

The tech market is really exploding and thus, changing the life style of human beings! Be the very part of it and update yourself to its vibrations :)

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