Twitter: Real-Time & Private-Group Chat App for Free

Do real-time, free, global chats with your group using Twitter Micro blogging service (Application)

How To / Procedure:

1... start a tweet starting with command code, "!b" ,

2 add the name-s of person-s (Twitter handles) you want to chat with "@..." ,

3 Give your free group chat a suitable heading or a title,

4 All the persons, you invite, will get mentioned in a Twitter Tweet with a link URL, just click that link and you are all set to make a free, private, real-time, global Twitter chat with a group!

5. You can make this Twitter group private chat /DM (direct messaging) with any of your followers or non followers too : ) just follow the above procedure with his/her Twitter handle (Twitter name).


...Twitter is also known as a Micro Blogging as it uses only (maximum) 140 words limit to tweet, unlike any Blogs' big unlimited words post! It is a fabulous Micro blogging online social network, which connects the globe, and uses 140 words limit, which is better known as a 'Tweet'. A tweet is like an instant SMS originated using the online web!

Blether is the Scottish slang for making the chat, project / app "!b" is a US based social media Blether Lab initiative and a project to make group chat conversation using Twitter with a privacy. Blether is a consumers' delight from the Zendit Ltd. , a digital platform from Scotland.

Facebook and Twitter, the new age or e-age social / micro blogging service or the e-weapons have transgressed or rather revolutionized the communication and the real world, in our recent times we had seen many national and political revolutions in which Twitter and Facebook 'helped' their masses when the voice phone calling, texting and even internet was disturbed or disrupted / suppressed / banned like happened in the recent Egypt etc revolutions!

Twitter is simply like a 140 words instant SMS free service from/of the web, simply anybody can do, even a Dog : ) who knows ...???

Facebook or FB, who do not know, is the viral-est of all of the social online networks of our times, the creator Mark Zuckerberg even might had never dreamt that his college time FACEBOOK will get a huge super bumper success and make the people web addict!

Conversation is the key to get ahead in the world where there is a cut throat race, heading towards nowhere! Twitter and Facebook has certainly revolutionized this modern communication technique and helped the real people in real time!

... I can not say that we are lucky or not, to be born in the very age of gadgets, gizmos, Web, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Mobile phones, iPhone, iPad and Skype etc! Time will tell. Time is the most powerful factor of all in the world; this is what I still believe! May be you too a day?!

Just enjoy the life as it comes : ) and always try for the best ...


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