Stream a Real-Time & Live Cell Phone Broadcasting on the Go

Brief: How to make a Social Mobile Broadcast over the cell phones on the go?

Introducing the blogTV mobile App that allows you to broadcast and record your life or can watch your favorite blogTV shows anywhere on the go / on the move.

Stream LIVE Broadcast or Mobi-cast: Anytime, Anywhere!!!

The tech world seems is being orientating towards an unexpected, a new world of experiences and possibilities that are far beyond the mental image of the common man.

Indeed… the e-world is becoming more and more harebrained and powerful with all its modern, innovative technologies and applications that has a tight hold over the world.

The introductory, innovatory gadgets and apps are fully fledged in the whole new tech world that can bring life to any guy of the real world, either is sick or even he is healthy :) they are simply awesome.

Well…the youngsters, teens all are very well used to the modern technology, gadgets and they are very much adoring to the newest technologies those are evolving daily.

Everyone love to chat, interact with friends and loved ones who are staying miles apart but did you ever think of the application that can broadcasts live streams over the Internet from your smart phones?

Introduction to BlogTV

Hey, now it is possible to stream your own live shows on your cell phones using the blogTV application.

BlogTV is the world’s top most live, interactive Internet broadcasting platform that allows anyone with an internet connection and a webcam to get connected to their audience in the real-time.

The old fashioned world of pre-recorded videos and static, non interactive videos are replaced by blogTV, which opens a new world of possibilities and experiences to the broadcasters and viewers.

What you can do with this application

You can now create your own live video and share it with your loved ones and friends. You can watch and participate in any live blogTV show no matter where you are!
• Also you can watch hundreds and thousands of live streams anytime, anywhere on the go.
• …you can chat with your friends in real time.
• Comment on your friends’ status and manage your own wall.
• …can view inbox messages.
• It is compatible with Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Access on Android, iOS phones

BlogTV cell phone streaming live broadcasting app allows you to create your own LIVE shows from your Android and iOS phones too!

You can easily chat, broadcast and record your favorite shows, videos through your cell phones.

…an application known as blogTV that has made an easier way of chatting and broadcasting live streams over internet from your smart phones.

At a Glance: Utilizing this application you can…

• Create, Record your live shows, from a cell phones: iOS or Android
• Chat with the live people around the world.
• Hide or show your live chat.
• Share/embed your live video shows on Face book and Twitter.

The world is getting closer and closer to each other in every fields and sentiments with each passing day. The different innovative technologies and applications in this tech world have something or the other for every one that pleases and serves better.
…blogTV has gone mobile and is making your cell phone, a worldwide social broadcasting web camera!!

Broadcast and record your life or just watch the TV shows, videos, chat with your favorite blogTV broadcaster…on the go!!

You can now download blogTV from iTunes App Store.

Also you can download app, FREE for iPhone and Android from the official site of blogTV.

Enjoy watching real time live streaming wherever on the go!!

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