Stream Google Plus in a Flip-E-Book

Killer Idea: Convert and Browse your public Google plus (Google+) Social Communication Stream into a flipping digital or e-book in a user friendly interface.

A brilliant idea has strike on the masterminds of the makers of Google+ that why not create a flip book that can store your public Google+ stream? Is not that great?

We all know (few online tutorials) that we can create a PDF file of our tweets of a vibrant micro blogging service Twitter. So, why not a flip book of Google+ stream?

So here you are with latest beta version of BookMyPlus that intent to create a flip Google+ book that allows you to store your public Google+ stream.

How to bring forth Google+ book from your public stream?

Google+, a social network operated by Google Inc. launched on June 28th 2011 with consolidations across a number of Google products, including Buzz and profiles.

Well…these days search limits don’t have any limitations with the pages but of various peoples and about their relative information.

It has been said that the biggest feature of Google+ is that it is not FACEBOOK. But why to compare the two giants having something common but many things different with quiet different motives?!

However there is another great feature that may be of interest to all you intelligent, technical experts out there!

Now, you can create your own flip book of your own public Google+ stream. To do this all you need is to visit the page in the browser. Then copy your Google+ profile ID from the Google+ URL and then just click the Generate button to view all posts shared by you.

You just can view the pages as you view any ordinary book by flipping pages. It is an easy way to navigate through the pages and is of real fun. Each posts on page shows you the number of shares and likes it got on Google+

With BookMyPlus you can…

• Create your own Google+ digital book
• Save generate Google+ book as PDF file.
• Also can disable showing re-shares and hangout by your choice.

Google+ a worldwide Giant

Well, Google, the most acknowledged, renowned artificially intelligent and smart search engine worldwide has immersed their most anticipated, mostly awaited and highly featured social networking platform called as Google+.

Google is on the spotlight in recent days, not sitting idle after launching its Google+ social network to public and also realized that it is the right time to rival the social online giants the Facebook, the Skype etc?!

My personal view, the Internet world is exploring with all its abilities, speed that there is no space for superstitious notions and suppositions. Searches are being more extraneous, pin pointed and more all-inclusive all over the globe. Google needs to adjust itself accordingly. Hence, Google+ came into existence with all the powerful adaptable potentials and capabilities.

Google+ book is one such great try to stay in this new era of Internet world. Currently, this service does not support or display the images or videos in generated book. This would be an added feature in future :)

For now, enjoy & share flipping your Google+ book :)

By Devashree B., Our wishes to Google+ : Talkfree7 VOIP team :)

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