Smart-Intelligent TV app for Apple iPad

A Smart and Intelligent App which automatically recognizes that what you're watching and than brings you related fun; related content on you TV, How?

The Wireless viral effect and different types of innovative Apps technology is making everyone crazy, the whole world and society is banking on the cell related technology which runs in the air! Life is really become mobile now :)

Even the tiniest of the things have become so very easy with all the latest technologies that it seems to be a distinctly separate world of fun and enjoyment.

Like it rightly said that watching idiot box or a TV is supposed to be fun and enjoyment. It makes one’s mind refreshing after a long hectic daily schedule. Do you love watching TV shows, songs, movies like me? :)

Oh! But beware when watching TV, because someone may have an eye on you, nah! no snooping at all!

Yes…Umami TV app for your iPad, your TV companion!!

Check the real heck out here!

Umami TV app for iPad is smart and intelligent it knows what shows you are watching on your TV screen!

Umami is the Japanese language word that means “Enhanced” in simple English.

It is a part of more liberal platform that impressively simplifies the creation of interactive second-screen experiences for TV networks and advertisers, permitting them to engage their TV audiences.

Umami was founded in 2010 with the main aim of giving users an extreme, engaging experience of watching their favorite TV shows.

How the app is your real TV companion?

The app has the aim to bring an enhanced second screen experience to broadcast and cable TV programs.

The second-screen apps are becoming standard fare for networks in the current web scenario. Using the audio or acoustic Fingerprinting technology these apps can tell you what you are watching on your TV.

Working of this interesting Application?

Umami uses your TV’s audio to sync to the programs aired on major networks and basic cable. The viewers can just type in a show to receive a customized program that is filled with bios, news, photos and other information about the show they are watching.

The application works smoothly whether the TV broadcast, soap opera is live or on a DVR. Umami creates a home page for each show that links to IMDB, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the features of this application:

• It automatically syncs to live or recently broadcast programs aired on all major networks such as Nat Geo, Fox, Discovery and many more.
• With one click you can see the home pages of Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and other great sources on your favorite shows.
• With the real time social feeds you can watch and catch your friends, what they are saying and can also join the conversation.

Download Umami for FREE from Apple iTunes store. They say, TV is better with Umami!!

Stay tuned for much more great experiences! Have fun!!

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