Skype Free WIFI in UK: Internet Week Europe 2011

Get Free WIFI in UK in the wake of Internet Week Europe 2011, courtesy M.S. Skype The VOIP hub to the World!

Skype Access is the name of WIFI hotspots or WIFI service from the trusted brand name in the VOIP calling: The Skype!

Skype is offering its free Skype Access WIFI for a week in the UK starting 0001 GMT on November 7 to 2359 GMT on November 11, 2011.

Forget Skype credit for a week in UK if you want to use Skype Access the WIFI from Skype.

Remember: The Skype WiFi will be free to use ONLY for up to 60 minutes! Huh!

Anyways, these 60 minutes are yours, your own, nobody can snatch them from you and no body can steal them, use these 60 free WIFI minutes to make a free Skype to Skype VOIP video calls, surf the web, play the games, listen to the melodious music or do whatever you wish until your 59th, 6oth free minutes expire, you will never regret than later : )

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