SIRI: How to Make Phone Call on a Pass Code Locked Apple iPhone-4S?

Ask SIRI: How to Make aPhone Call over a Pass Code Locked Apple iPhone-4S?

Brief: SIRI: Allow you to make calls from a Pass code locked Apple iPhone-4S!

…It is SIRI, the wonder software, voice recognition virtual assistant, for Apple iPhone 4S that permits you to make phone calls EVEN from a Pass code locked Apple iPhone-4S.

Let us see how?

Well, SIRI is a virtual personal assistant or smart iOS mobile software on your smart phone.

In a simple English language, SIRI is virtually operated personal assistant (generally a female voice, personal assistant, AVATAR).

Now you can make calls with the voice activation service SIRI, even when the Apple iPhone-4S is locked, surprised? Not a joke, but a true tech fiction!

Well, the tech world is well equipped outfitted with the most modern and fast communication devices. Whether it is from satellite networks, GPS to VOIP and mobile video tele-conferencing, it is developing very fast. As the means of communications are enhancing and the world is getting closer and closer.

The tech world is fulfilled with number of technologies and applications that are far away from our imaginations and creativity but are always very quick in satisfying our needs and necessities.

... the Einsteins & Mastermind all over the world are trying to make their every single move, a success that leads the web world highest in all fronts and they had achieved it a lot :)

SIRI…Boon for iPhone-4S

Apple’s iPhone-4S has flashed some extra ordinary features with this iPhone model…now your iPhone-4S will not only checks emails or just make phone calls, but it’s also turning into a new, say sometimes smart, often entertaining, digital friend for millions of customers.

The most touted new feature, SIRI, a virtual personal assistant has, hidden in the software, dozens of humorous responses to any silly questions.

Some cool features of SIRI:

• It is a smart female (voice) virtual secretary like an Avatar and intelligent enough to know what you mean to say and what you actually want to say.
• It helps you to remind your daily activities.
• SIRI searches in the web what you need to know and even speaks out!
• It writes and sends emails to the desire destination.
• It helps you to remember every small thing that you might forget.

Well, SIRI is not only shaping up to actually be good as its hype but it turns out the Apple and SIRI engineers have gathered some excellent, exciting features inside it.

your wishes are commands for SIRI like most of the pious & gentle Indian Housewives obeys her Husband-s!

SIRI is being known as a voice controlled virtual secretary over Apple iPhone-4S that will allow you to use your own voice to execute different tasks like booking a table for lunch, arranging for cab and many more.

SIRI works with all the built in applications and over both3G and Wi-Fi as well as works in English (UK and Australia), German and French.

This was all about SIRI features, but hey! Wait there, SIRI can now allow you to make calls from a Pass code locked Apple iPhone-4S! How to?

Check the heck out here!

In today’s world of uncertainty all around and a type of unsecured feelings, we feel lurching behind many times, in this world everyone wants some or the other security in every field and why not? Everyone should live in a perfect security arena whether it may be your house, office or say you’re smart cell phones too!

Your cell phones too should be secured. Securing your smart phones with the password or Pass code prevents them with unauthorized access.

Generally, to access your phone you just hit the power button, swipe the unlock arrow, enter your passcode. Also SIRI gets activated when you tap the home button and hold it. Thus SIRI comes to life to serve you.

Many of the mobile producers came know that most of the peoples use their smart phones to manage their daily dairies, their meeting schedules, private communications and social life’s and yes…it’s good to have some kind security.

Here the Apple finds a bit twist regarding SIRI! How?

Well, even an iPhone-4S is locked with a Pass code; an unknown person can come up to your smart phone and can give a spoken command to SIRI. OMG!

Clearly the SIRI bypasses any security or passcode on your smartest mobile!

When SIRI is activated, simply say: “call contacts”, SIRI will immediately access the phone’s contact list and gives you the dialing options. You can dial the number and can complete the call without any issue.

FYI: you can receive calls on iPhone-4S without unlocking the phone, this means that anyone who finds your iPhone can access your contacts and can also look up your phone numbers of your friends, family and business colleagues too!

SIRI performs various functions without unlocking the phone. But one good thing, SIRI couldn’t search the web when the phone is locked. So, your web database is secured…hush!

SIRI is a bonus added feature of iPhone-4S as well as humble, modest personal (machine-digital) assistant at your service.

How to make iPhone: SIRI-Secured?

Just do this: Enter into settings/general/passcode lock on Apple iPhone 4S > Set the SIRI option to 'OFF'.

Enjoy SIRI and have the fun on the go, ongoing!!

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