SIRI for iPhone 4S: What is this?

SIRI: What is This?

In brief: The SIRI is just a virtual (PA) personal assistant or a smart iOS mobile software on your cell phone.

Project SIRI was established in the year 2007 by the initiative of DAG KITTLAUS and by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

When you ask Siri anything in your own voice, Siri definitely will help you out in getting things organized even when you're on the go/move.

… so do you want a mobile's sweet and virtual female personal secretary (a digital Avatar), on the go for you?!!!

Here is a perfect reply for your question! SIRI…

The tech world has numerous inventions and discoveries of various technologies and applications which ease the human burden much better than ever.

The intelligent brains all over the globe are pushing the barriers and trying to integrate the real and virtual things together.

What is SIRI? Your wishes are commands for SIRI

…SIRI is a virtual, (generally female voice over) operated personal assistant (in a plain and a simple language).

…Apple has introduced its iPhone 4S recently. The company has boasted various strong features of iPhone 4S. But one extra ordinary feature which attracted my attention, and perhaps in which Apple has concentrated the most is SIRI, a virtual personal assistant of iPhone 4S.

A voice controller of iPhone 4S known as SIRI, that will allow you to use natural (your own) voice to perform different tasks like asking for getting directions, booking table for lunch, arranging a cab and many more.

SIRI is working with all the built in applications and over both 3G and Wi-Fi. It will work in English (including UK and Australia), German and French.

How does SIRI , the virtual PA App works?

SIRI on iPhone 4S is an outstanding application that lets its users to use own voice to send messages, schedule appointments and lots of other things just by talking the way you talk.

…talk with SIRI and it will understand you and even responses back for your question!
…your wish is SIRI’s command and it will work accordingly!

Check out some cool features of SIRI

• …SIRI is smart and perhaps artificially intelligent enough to understand, what you want to say. It’s just like a conversation with the real and live person.
• It is smart enough to know what you mean and what actually you want to say.
• It also helps you to remind your day-to-day activities such an appointment at dentist, call a taxi, reminder for meetings and many more.
• …SIRI searches in the web what you need to know and it even speaks itself.
• It writes and sends emails to the desire destination too!
• You can also check the weather forecast of your city by asking SIRI.
• It helps you to remember every little thing which you might forget.

A virtual, modest, humble personal (machine) assistant at your service! Enjoy talking with SIRI and have a great fun on the go!


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