SIRI-Conversation Without iPhone 4S, How To?

How to Tame The SIRI, an intelligent virtual full time P.A. without Apple iPhone-4S

Brief: How to generate an ifake SIRI conversation screen shot?

SIRI ... outstandingly the admired, smart cell phones’ software, by everyone has recently made the world go extravagant with it. And why not, SIRI…the virtual personal assistant (female voice personal assistant) is a boon for Apple iPhone 4S.

As you are already aware, your wishes are ACTUAL commands for VIRTUAL PERSONAL ASSISTANT, the SIRI!

SIRI will take care of everything, your wants, needs and all the necessities. SIRI conversations are quite interesting but do you ever desire to make your own SIRI conversations?

You can now create your own fake SIRI conversations using the ifakeSiri, a new web based application.

About ifakeSiri, what is and how is?

Well…the technology has reached a level of personalization that has enhanced every moment of our lives. We will be more comfortable, well-heeled because of the advancements in this new age of tech world. It seems our movement in future in this digital era will be near telepathic :)

I foresee that there are numerous technologies that are relevant to this particular vision of future and yes…they will acquire not only a great influence, potency but also be more structured with one other.

Actually, it’s a bit difficult to keep up to date with daily new emergence of online trends but we are lucky as there are always some quick developers helping us to keep up the current on goings, thanks to them :)

The iPhone-4S was an instant hit to the magnificent world of Internet and after a while SIRI, an outstanding feature of iPhone-4S was another biggest, killer hit to the tech world that has really made the world whirling around it.

…the web seems to be proceeding on to the next significant thing!!

SIRI does give the answers to your questions but not all questions. Some questions and conversations can’t be carried out by SIRI. So, if you are looking something to a fake conversation between you and SIRI, ifakeSiri is going to be a perfect solution for you.

An ifakeSiri is a new, web based service that permits you to create an image including your own conversations with SIRI itself.

You can find lots of websites dedicated in collecting the screen shots of exciting and occasionally odd, unusual conversations which most of the people have through SIRI from their iPhone4S.

Do you too wish to make your own screen shots of the fake conversations regardless of having an iPhone4S? So, catch up with ifakeSiri that aims to fulfill your wish.

How does ifakeSiri works?

The tool is simply designed for entertainment purpose. So, do not brick bat me for this :)!

Start the conversation by writing something in the plain text and ifakeSiri generator will immediately convert that text into SIRI conversations.

You can send the images of fake SIRI screen shots for a good laugh and fun. The conversation is up to your imagination. After all there are few questions that SIRI can’t answer, pick up those and can supply your own answers to them.

You are able to enter a series of words you are telling to SIRI and type by your own what she might responds back, but be sure to use “ME” and “SIRI” in the text box to create the message correctly.

Some fun SIRI moments with friends!

After you are done with, click on the “create SIRI conversation” button and here you are, with all the fake SIRI screen shots!

You can then copy and share the links and images with your friends and can amaze them, make real fun of them. But be careful! Don’t expect them to be fooled for a long time, if they have iPhone4S, they can easily test the voice command.

Brief about SIRI for newbies’

SIRI is a modest, virtual personal assistant (generally in female voice over), an Apple’s introductory, outstanding feature of iPhone4s. It is a voice controller of iPhone4S that allows you to use natural (your own) voice to perform various tasks.

SIRI works in English (including UK and Australia), German and French. Also works over both 3G and Wi-Fi and all built in applications.

Enjoy the very creative conversations and amaze, make fool of your friends just for FUN!!!

Personally, I would like to suggest that do not believe in anything and everything you experience, ‘painted’ on this giant Internet ‘canvas’ because screen shots can be easily created and easily faked. They are for pure, utter fun but sometimes they are designed to mislead, mischief you unknowingly or inadvertently and may lead to spoof or hack a day!


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