Send Free Voice Email & Messages via Browser on Web

How can I send free instant voice text (SMS / Messages) to anybody in the world using Internet (web) Browser?

... Also you can post these free web voice sms / email (using Java / HTML codes) on your Blog, Social Networks, Website or even can email your voice ...

Communication is vital tool in the age of letter 'e' where everything has become an 'e' from an e-book to e-commerce; everybody seems to be on his toes

...Though SMS or texting is one of the favourite youth icon, globally, but it sometimes consumes some pennies if not dollars, yes there are tons of websites which offers FREE sms to anywhere, but do you feel, SMS has that crunch which your voice has?

Email your Voice!

Oh puzzled, well I think the human voice is always full of sentiments, warm and crispy than mere of written words, like your fiancee or fiancé, Mom or Dad, Bro or Sis, Son or loving daughter would be much happier to listen your voice again and again rather than to read your texting words, well, am I right? Or wrong? You decide...

Why Voice email or Voice SMS (messaging) over Word texting?

Its a personal choice though, voice calling is always not viable, like when you are in a hospital, meeting or in a wash room, but you still want to greet your girl friend with your voice, but she is not taking or rejecting your voice calls, she is busy, busy and just busy .... Rude!

E-Voice: A Voice Communication, something in-between SMS & Phone Call

No problem, you may record and leave a voice mail on her phone, but if she is online or when she will come online you may leave a free personal VOICE message on her email, so next time when your email is get checked, your e-voice too will be heard!

Enjoy the e-communication in your e-voice, fire the SMS, voice calls now, have lots of fun : )

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