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Free Texting on Mobile (Cell) Phones

Day by day the advent of new, innovative technologies, e-commerce and applications are being evolved in the field of wireless, mobile and communications. The technology has great role now-a-days. It has really captured the whole world with all its wonderful wings (applications)!

Cell phone technology is making waves with all of its usable factors and especially when they are constructed with different applications. Due to this communication with our near and dear one’s has become lot much easier than ever no matter where you are over the globe.

Who is here who do not want to stay connected with their loved ones and that too for FREE? …Obviously no one!

FREE texting (SMS) on cell phones (mobile phones), how to?

A Social Networking, essential communication and utility App: JaxtrSMS

Communication was always and has become absolute necessity, characteristic of one’s routine life. The tech world has furnished us with innovative, excellent apps that make our communication a lot easier.

Here is a debut of an extraordinary app in this crowded market of Internet! JaxtrSMS (a Sabeer Bhatia company, who is known as Hotmail co-founder), that allows you to send FREE SMS to anyone, anywhere in the world.

... Teens preferred SMS rather than to make a voice phone call. Really, SMS proceeds dominating the mobile market with millions of people sending text messages every day (you can say every single hour, minute :)) a huge, substantial amount of revenue is generated from SMS every day.

It’s time to say perhaps a good bye to all the mobile operators all over the globe :) as this new app is hitting the market and running successfully.

FREE mobile texting, local, long distance and international

Today we spend hundreds of bucks in doing SMS every month. Hey, now it is the time to cut the cost and send the SMS for FREE :)

A great, brand new service JaxtrSMS, from Mobivox Company permits its users to send FREE SMS to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Using this application you can send and receive FREE messages to all in your address book whether they have this app or not.

Features of JaxtrSMS

Use JaxtrSMS to send and receive messages with any other cell phone in the world for FREE.

With JaxtrSMS you can:
• Send free text messages to any other mobile phone, domestic or international.
• Goes direct in the inbox, behaves like regular SMS.
• Use your own phone number
• Irrespective of the recipient to be the JaxtrSMS user.

How is this beneficial to use?
• It is FREE to download.
• It saves money as permits to send messages for FREE.
• It’s time consuming as works on Wi-Fi and all 3G devices.
• It provides the instant delivery of messages.
• It also works on tablets.

FYI: JaxtrSMS works from your cell phones only and is currently available as an app on Apple iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry and other cell phones that support Java.

Be quick; download the application from App store, Android market or from JaxtrSMS.

All you Freebies, there, stay connected with your loved ones on the go, anywhere all over the globe!


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