See-Through-(Augmented Reality)-X-Ray App for IOS, Android Mobiles and Tablets

see-through AR app
App to snoop your clothing
Watch Hot Babes/Models' under clothing, this naughty application works just like the X-Ray Vision! ... Hey what do you want to watch and why ; )

Teens always think naughty, sometimes may be dirty and dream they could have James Bond 007 type goggles or an X-Ray vision enabled goggles’ so they can watch or see-through anybody's under cloths!?

MoosejawXRAY is a see-through under clothes app designed for Google Android devices and for Apple iOS gadgets to browse Moosejaw paper and digital catalogues and hot models featured in it displaying various dressings etc.

This X-Ray app works on Augmented Reality principle and with this you are really able to see-through the hot models' under clothes, no goggles or special 3D vision or such glasses ever required,

So you are frustrated now, actually you are going much 'demanding' a guy than, Nope! You can not see the under clothing or birth day suit body of your fiancée/fiancé or boy/girl friends’ here, the app works to see only fashion winter catalogue's featured paper picture models! Huh, what to do than??? it is NOT for me LOL ; )

(FYI: this is not in anyway promotes nudity or mature bold things),

How this X-Ray Vision App works:

See-through app for cell phones
X-Ray App
The models: male / hot female get to virtually strip down only to their under-layers! OMG!! as this mobile X-ray app is positioned on the winter fashion catalogue pages, thanks to the Augmented Reality (AR) technology and 'sixth sense' of Moose jaw’s who correctly anticipated its customers choice, what they really need, hence what should be served to them to boost up holiday sales, Black Friday and to give best of the services based on a tech innovation!

What is the Augmented Reality?

For a non techie or a layman, AR can be construed as a tech event which brings the virtual things to the life, presents them into 3D like environment which happens in a ‘second life’ or in the virtual world and you can feel yourself enveloped into it as the very part and parcel of the technological phenomenon.

… Boys will be boys; ) do age matters? When there are lovely girls to watch in their best ever under-clothes!!!

Download X Ray app free for Apple iOS

Download X-Ray vision app for Android

Moosejaw X-Ray App from Gary Wohlfeill on Vimeo

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