Pin-Point-Locate-Track A Flight Over Head: Wolfram Alpha

Concept at a glance: Wolfram Alpha lets you ‘spy or sense’ the flights overhead.

Wolfram Alpha, a computational smart and intelligent search engine, an online search service is now investigating the creative minds in United States to discover what flights happen to be overhead at any moment.

Many a times we become curious to know about a jet, flying high overhead that where it would be heading towards or what is its departure place? Previously, the answer to this question would be actually impossible, but now…if you are in United States of America, Wolfram Alpha is there to help you out.

They say…you can utilize the feature of Wolfram Alpha to know everything about the aircraft overhead like its altitude (not in real-time but 5 minutes or so delayed) and where it is heading towards and lot more things.

Well…it appears as though tech world sans the boundaries and barriers, is been continuously advancing in all fronts revitalizing the life of human beings :)

... Do not you think, this is a mad world, and we are reeling in a rats' race, and do not know why and where we are heading towards, but chasing, chasing and still chasing all the times...and we are in a notion that this is the very advancement, we have lost peace of mind and health is the cost...!!!

Really, the modern tech world is equipped with innovative, advance technologies and application that has lessen the human burden and has make life more comfortable and easy going!

Indeed, due to daily new emergence in digital cultural, social media and various technologies, the human world has become more flexible and moderately rich.

Another new, innovative technology has added its color in this magnificent world of science and technology bouquet, known as Wolfram Alpha.

Check out the real deal out here!

Ever seen any plane soaring high in the blues and wish to know about its place of departure or destination? Curious, than this is the perfect tool for you!

You can now get the 'APPROX. real time' flight information of what is currently gliding overhead?!*#@...

Wolfram Alpha is sophisticated, computational knowledge search engine that allows determining whether there is any airplane overhead. To show this, it uses your IP address to find your current location.

Working of the application: Track Flights in your Geo-IP location

Wolfram Alpha is using the data from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that makes a lot easier to know the complete information about all those planes flying just above your head at any given time.

When searching the flight details in search query “flight overhead”, Wolfram Alpha will provide you with the information regarding the flight currently flying over your head.

The “flight overhead” query will give you the list of all the flights that could be technically seen from your current IP location. It also allows you to know things like plane’s altitude, flight angle, model and a sky map too!

For further detail information, you can click on any of the flights in the list and can easily access the information about that particular flights departure time, destination time and location, flight capacity, flight altitude and even the history of that flight. Also the flight arrival time, delays and weather conditions can also be computed on time performance of specific airlines.

If you happen to be in any of the flight listed, and your aircraft has on-board Internet service, then you would also able to see where your plane is and which the cities are and airports are nearby.

FYI: The flight information is five minute old as Wolfram Alpha is using the data from FAA which has built-in five minute delay into its feeds. Also the flights that have at least one end point (takeoff or landing) in U.S will be displayed.

Salient Features of Wolfram Alpha

• It helps to find the correct flight information including the departure, arrival time, delays and missed flights too!
• Helps in comparing airline data including average number of people per flight, number of flights per day.
• You can also view local and country maps and can calculate the distance between locations as per your need.
• …You can do quick check of upcoming departure if you have missed out a flight.
• …can also check the flight number or airline when you want to pick someone but misplaced.

More interesting characteristics of Wolfram Alpha

Other than just knowing about the information of the airplanes flying in your locality, you can also find out exactly what were you looking at ground when you were in the plane?

Have you ever taken any photograph through the window of a plane and then wondered later what you were looking at? Seems interesting :)!

Well…when you land down on the ground, just check the time stamp of the snap and put it along with your flight number and here you are!!! Wolfram Alpha will tell you or pin point exactly where you were at that instant moment.

It is also a perfect travel assistant for iOS devices and works more precisely on the mobile devices and can spit out the airline, flight number, jet type, altitude, and angle and slant distances for each airplane visible near your geo-IP location.

...seems, the time has come, the online search engines now have evolved creatively and become smart, they are studded with all elements of the intelligent human brain or an artificial intelligence!? Vide Google, SIRI, now Wolfram Alpha!

FYI: the flight information will be displayed to you, assuming clear sky and unobstructed view.

About Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an online search service in United States has launched before two years and is now allowing the user in United States to find out the complete flight information of a flight happens to be overhead.

The Wolfram Travel assistant is supported by the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine and is produced by Wolfram Research, the world’s leading software system for mathematical research and education.

The application is especially handy for math and science queries. The 'killer' start up launch wasn’t very effective but the technology is once again in the glare as there is a great boom of SIRI, the iPhone-4S virtual assistant in the tech market and it also trusts on Wolfram Alpha for some of her questions.

…with the special features designed for each platform, Wolfram Alpha enables its users to know the real time flight information wherever and whenever you need it.

…I believe, it is always a fun to look up in the sky and watch the airplanes heading towards an anonymous destinations, it’s a day dreamy type of activity :)

The flight information may not qualify the rocket science, but there is something magical about being able to spy the flights that are flying high in the skies above you.

Enjoy watching flights soaring high in the sky and collect the magical information about it!!

You can download the $4.99 application from Apple apps store for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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