Oman: Cheap Overseas VOIP Calling

How to Make Low Cost International VOIP calls from Sultanate of Oman?

Sultanate of Oman's telecom operator Nawras (النورس in Arabic) has started the most awaited VOIP calls or calls routing over the internet in voice packets for cheap rates to call the world from Oman mobile phone or fixed line phones.

We know Middle East, Gulf, Dubai-UAE has a VOIP call block and many VOIP providers are blocked from there like Skype, Facetime from Apple, Fring, Viber mobile VoIP, Rebtel, Tango etc, but seems no relief to the people living there but to make expensive voice calls instead of free VOIP or free video calls?! People say they use VPN to use VOIP?! ... Though Etisalat, a Dubai telecom operator promises to bring local and native e-Plus VOIP app for the locals there,

Now Oman has introduced the VOIP calling from its territory, to make some relief to its natives so they can make some low cost phone calls from Oman to the world, if not the free calls.

What the 0902 VOIP deal is:

Nawras VOIP will give cheap international calls in the slabs, after the very first minute, and a maximum of 30% discount on calls will be given after third minute of an abroad call,

Like first minute of the call will be charged normal as per the international rates of Nawras,

Second minute call will bear 15% discount on on that international phone call,

Third minutes on wards, the discount will be 30% ...

You have to start the international call with the VOIP prefixed number starting with 0902 followed by the international phone number, instead of standard pattern number : 00 or +

The cheap calling offer applies to mobile and home voice customers both.

The FINE Print:

The only fine print of this great VOIP calls offer is that it is only available till January 30, 2012 and is NOT a life long or ever going offer : (

About Nawras Telecom opeator from Oman:

Nawras is Oman's leading mobile communications provider in the . They were commercially launched on 16 March 2005. Nawras basically is a joint venture of:

Qtel: Qatar based, fixed and mobile telecommunication operator,

Tele-Denmark Communications: Denmark based telecom operator,

and Local Omani partners which includes the Ministry of Defense Pension Fund, Royal Office Pension Fund, Diwan of Royal Court Pension Fund, Internal Security Service Pension Fund and Sultan’s Special Force Pension Fund.

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