Marketing and Advertising Agencies Use New World Technology to Teach Old World Phone Skills to Dealers

The ultimate goal of a car dealer is to sell cars. Problem is, in a digital age where people constantly expect to do much of their transacting online, how can he or she develop leads and sell goods and services? That’s the issue being addressed by marketing and advertising agencies, which are using the more reliable and speedy connections delivered by companies like the Verizon internet service, to show dealers how to convert a maybe into a yes.

Anyone who has ever seen the movie Glengarry, Glen Ross, will know how the old school phone sales people used to work. You get a lead, you call it up, you explain how the good or service you are backing can enhance the life of the person you have called.

The modern world has erased this skill, to a degree - since virtual sales people and automated telephone systems came into effect, the personal touch – and with it the chance to sell good product to people who really need it – has been lost. The automated system can’t approach a sale with the tact or finesse of a human – and frankly, at the end of the day, is seen as cold and insulting by a lot of potential customers.

The way around the conundrum is to generate leads using existing web technologies. The Verizon internet service powers an internet connection that can occupy a multi platform format, allowing companies to combine their internet connection with VoIP and powerful customer service software management.

By hooking your customers using web site interactivity (so an offer targeted at generating mobile keywords, for example, brings in a list of potential leads for buying a new vehicle), you can ensure that the people your system contacts are genuinely interested in what you are selling. Furthermore, you can use the extended power of your own internet connection to support multimedia applications that deliver a sales package directly to biting customers – perhaps a video display of the vehicle in question, or an interaction with your brand on a social media or networking site.

The point is, the internet is much more powerful now than we ever imagined it could be. The speed and security of connections like the Verizon internet service ensure that companies are finally capable of harnessing that power and potential to catch up with their market. Rather than lagging behind in an age where calling a customer was the be all and end all of making a great sale, why not join a world where interactive social media applications can make a customer get in touch with you?

The easiest sales, and the ones with the greatest potential for up selling or adding a lucrative service package, are the sales that result in customer s finding you and not the other way around. In order to generate that kind of sale you need to use your Verizon internet service (or whatever connection you prefer, the one presumably that gives you the best deal for your budget and desired bandwidth) to unlock the cross platform potential of the modern internet.

The web has evolved. Is your sales model going to evolve with it?

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