How To Map Your Global Twitter Followers?

Proud & Enhance your online social media presence!

Genius Idea: You can now map or locate your Global Twitter followers, how?

We see a lot of addiction, dedication or a craze of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Plus and LinkedIn. But ever do you feel the curiosity to know of your Twitter followers? Like where they are located?

Here is an interesting tool called as TweepsMaps that links your Twitter account and examines your followers and furnishes you with the map or chart about their location in your country, state or city or over the globe.

Well…the social networking sites have burst forth recently and are widely admired by the human races of all ages.

The Gen.-X is especially fully wired, tense with excitement because of these social media crankiness. The online social networking is not only a way to stay in touch with your loved ones but it has become a way of life…indeed!

The most important feature of online social networking is its ability to find, make new friends and to create and share a personal profile.

The social networking sites are at their peak point of popularity, this is our phase of social transition! It is an easy way or platform that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among different peoples.

In the current tech, social media the Facebook and Twitter are the most democratic & popular one.

Do you ever feel curious or eager to know that where are your Twitter followers located on this globe?

First appearance of TweepsMaps

TweepsMaps allows you to see a visual, interactive map of your Twitter followers by country, city or state or even on the globe.

… Evaluate the potency of your social media presence by examining your Twitter followers!

The tool was launched for Twitter users to know more about their campaign whether it is successful in the targeted region.

The founder of TweepsMaps says,” it is one of the most important aspects of a campaign to evaluate the location and to see where your followers are”.

How you able to know where do are your followers located?

After the authorizing of application program interface (API) of TweepsMaps, a color coded map is generated with Twitter birds disperse widely across it that shows the number of followers in that specific location.

The birds are displayed in two colors; red and yellow. Red bird signifies the largest number of followers while the yellow one stands for the second largest number of followers.

TweepsMaps is a fun tool to check out the distribution, location of your Twitter followers over the world.

With TweepsMaps you can:
• Locate your Twitter followers all over the globe.
• For larger organizations, it is easy for them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.
• …Enhance your social media presence!

About Twitter, the second largest giant in Social networking field

Is it necessary for me to explain what Twitter is? :) But anyways for a newbie:

Twitter is an online social networking or a micro blogging service that allows you to send a short text web) message of maximum 140 characters in length known as “Tweets” to your friends and followers.

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams and was launched in July. From there, Twitter has earned worldwide popularity, name and fame.

It is sometimes referred as “the SMS of the Internet” :)

A wide array & network of information, Twitter

Twitter is the best way to learn the most happenings in this world. It is the real time information network that connects you with the world to let you know about the latest information in each field.

There are small bursts of information called as tweets. Each tweet is about 140 characters, you can share a lot in this small space.

• Business, as it offers a chance for businesses to reach to the worldwide market.
• Individuals, business persons can use Twitter for SMS and can connect directly to anyone with a mobile phone.
• Twitter can be used on many mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, blackberry and Androids) and more for free.

The online social networking media is going wider with each passing day and is gaining the very popularity, name and fame.

I personally think, Twitter is strongly influencing the worldwide societies, the social reforms and revolutions like in Egypt recently and have the most positive global impact and is helping the world to get a superior, improved place in the surprising ways.

Thanks to the recent innovations in the technology which converted this into a more useful and communicable human tool to dilute the physical distances and he dependency on others! Sometimes, these ‘machines & robots’ are more trust able than humans, if not always : )

Locate your Twitter followers in virtual world; stay connected with the REAL world, enjoy the latest happenings everything on TWITTER :), just Tweet, Tweet and Tweet!

“The landing pages of the Real-Time social Web should be…Google, Twitter, Skype, & Facebook”!!

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